Xiao Xuewen and Zou Hongying Meet with Investor Research Team
CopyFrom: Date:27 May 2015
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       On May 20th, 2015, an overseas investor research team consisting of approximately 20 people including representative from Blackrock, one of the Company’s H-share shareholders, paid a visit to the Company. Xiao Xuewen, Vice President and Secretary to the Board of Directors of MCC, and Zou Hongying, Vice President and General Accountant of MCC, played host to the research team. In addition, relevant leaders from Board Office, Finance Department, Investment Management Department, Domestic Project Management Department and Overseas Project Management Department attended the meeting. At the meeting, Vice Presidents Xiao and Zou, together with department heads, conducted in-depth discussion about issues including the Company’s general development and the status of newly concluded contracts, as well as topics that investors concerned such as steel capacity exchange, energy-saving and environmental PPP project model, and the national strategy “One Belt, One Road”.