Shen Heting Attends Asia Pacific Summit Hosted by Morgan Stanley
CopyFrom:Site author Date:02 December 2009
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Mr.Shen giving the opening speech

        Upon invitation by Morgan Stanley, a delegation of MCC Limited recently participated the 6th Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific Summit convened by Morgan Stanley in Singapore. The delegation was headed by President Shen Heting, and the other members included Vice President & CFO Li Shiyu, Zhao Ruixiong, BOD Secretary of MCC Group & Director-General for BOD Secretariat of MCC Limited, Director-General Li Pengcheng for Development Planning of MCC Limited, as well as staff of BOD Investor Relations Dept. of MCC Limited. During the two-day summit, Shen and Li conducted 11 conferences with the investors, and met with nearly 20 investment institutions. President Shen Heting also gave a public speech, enabling MCC Limited to be one of the few Chinese enterprises invited for making speeches. As a new public listing corporate, MCC Limited aroused wide concern among the international investment institutions on account of its outstanding operation and financial performances in the four core business sectors. Meanwhile the investors also gave full recognition to the achievements made by MCC Limited in the fields of development strategy, operational performance, corporate culture, management team and investor relations.
        Sponsored by Morgan Stanley, the Asia Pacific Summit is convened every year, with an aim to provide a platform for efficient communication and view exchange between the investors and the listing companies. The summit of this year attracted 187 industrial and commercial firms in the Asian-Pacific area, experts of various industries and 883 worldwide famous investment institutions from Asia, Europe and America.