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Guo Wenqing Attends China-Brazil Business Council 2017 Meeting
CopyFrom: Date:04 September 2017
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  On August 30th, the China-Brazil Business Council 2017 Meeting (hereinafter referred to as the ‘China-Brazil Annual Meeting’) was convened at the New Century Beijing Rihang Hotel[A1] . The opening address was given by China-Brazil Business Council China Executive Chairman, Group Company General Manager and MCC Group President Guo Wenqing on behalf of the sponsor.

  The China-Brazil Annual Meeting aims to introduce new policies and new opportunities for China and Brazil’s current macro-economic development situation and bilateral economic and trade investment, further strengthen dialogue and communication between the enterprises of China and Brazil, and expand deep cooperation between both sides in such fields as industry, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, commerce and trade, finance and the innovation industry.

  In his speech, Guo Wenqing first expressed his sincere thanks for the guidance and support of China and Brazil’s government sectors. He then pointed out that China is Brazil’s largest trade cooperation partner. Bilateral economic and trade contact and investment cooperation has become increasingly comprehensive; the two countries have obvious industrial connection advantages and their enterprises have strong willingness for cooperation. Both sides are prominently complementary in mining, agriculture, steel and iron, infrastructure, electromechanics and other fields, especially regarding the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative in which China and Brazil will expand the establishment of their cooperation capacity funds, thereby opening a new chapter in the two countries jointly raising the levels of their high-end industry chains and value chains.

  Guo Wenqing pointed out that the Council has been always devoted to strengthening dialogue and cooperation between the enterprises of the two countries, and has been a witness and promoter of good economic and trade relations between the two countries since its establishment. Chinese President Xi Jinping and the president of Brazil once attended a previous annual meeting, expressed their concern and loving care for Chinese and Brazilian entrepreneurs, and put forward expectations and requirements for the Council’s work. China’s Council has inherited the eager expectations of the leaders of both countries, pursued close cooperation with Brazil, positively participated in high-level dialogue and negotiations, driven mutual visits and exchanges between governments and enterprises, promoted the development and construction of key projects, and made new contributions to continuous in-depth cooperation between China and Brazil.

  Guo Wenqing emphasized that the Group Company is one of the units that initiated the China-Brazil Business Council and also one of earliest enterprises in China-Brazil economic and trade cooperation, and it enjoys many long-term positive cooperation relationships with enterprises and entrepreneur friends in Brazil. The Group Company will continuously follow the development idea of mutual benefits and win-win results, give full play to the driving force and influence of leading industrial enterprises and jointly expand new cooperation space with Chinese and Brazilian enterprises, thereby further driving the development, utilization and trade logistics of important resources, closely connecting Brazilian resources with the Chinese market, transforming the resource advantages of Brazil into economic advantages, innovatively providing steel and iron system design and whole industry chain output at the highest level among comparable classes internationally, driving the industrial upgrading of Brazil’s steel and iron with world-leading metallurgical construction and operation technologies, and positively implementing the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative so as to promote the optimization of Brazil’s infrastructure construction and forge an all-round connective pattern.

  Guo Wenqing hopes that Chinese and Brazilian enterprises will further deepen their mutual trust, strengthen their connection, continuously promote their cooperation level, infuse Chinese and Brazilian economic and trade development with new vitality and open a new future for the economic and trade development of China and Brazil!

  The meeting was presided over by China-Brazil Business Council China Chairman and CFHI President Liu Mingzhong; an opening address was made by China-Brazil Business Council Brazil Chairman and former Brazilian Ambassador to China Luis Augusto de Castro Neves on behalf of the sponsor; China Ministry of Commerce Deputy Director Wang Shouwen and Brazilian Ambassador to China Marcos Caramura de Paiva gave keynote speeches on behalf of the Chinese and Brazilian governments; and China Council for International Investment Promotion Chairman and China-Brazil Business Council China Honorary President Miao Gengshu attended the opening ceremony and was seated at the rostrum. The meeting was attended by over 150 people including representatives of Chinese and Brazilian government sectors, enterprises and industrial organizations.