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Shanghai Baoye Wins the Bid of Sections I and III of Indonesia OBI Nico Project
CopyFrom: Date:15 February 2019
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  On February 13, Shanghai Baoye won the bid of the 1st and 3rd sections of Indonesia OBI Nico Project.

  Harita, the largest mining group in Indonesia, and Ningbo Lygend Mining Co., Ltd., the largest nickel importer in China, have jointly invested in the 1st and 3rd sections of this Project. Baoye has followed up the project, carried out in-depth marketing and participated in several rounds of bidding since 2018. Eventually, it stood out among various competitors and won the bid. The 1st section of this project mainly involves the limonite raw material yard, workshops for mineral separation and ore washing, slag removal and chromium separation, tailing settling tank, chromite storage yard, residual ore belt corridor, transfer station and supporting projects. The 3rd section mainly involves the construction of supporting facilities, such as these for neutralized iron and aluminum removal, nico hydroxide sedimentation, product storage, tailing neutralization, sodium hydroxide storage and flocculant preparation, the high-pressure acid leaching circulating water system, integrated water treatment system and pipe network.

  Shanghai Baoye will adhere to the MCC spirit that "No work should be delayed for even one day", form a powerful project management team, make persistent efforts to continuously enhance its core competitiveness and brand influence, strictly implement the contract, promote the project construction in a standardized and order manner and build the brands of MCC and Shanghai Baoye, delivering a satisfactory job to the owners and laying a more solid foundation for the follow-up market expansion.