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MCC22 Wins Bidding for Two Bridge Projects in Xinglong
CopyFrom:MCC Date:11 February 2018
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  On February 9th, the MCC22 Group won the bidding for the Xinglong Hongshila Land Stockpile Early Development Bridges No. 3 and 4 Project.

  This project is located on the East Ring Road in Hongshila Plot of Xinglong County, Chengde City, Hebei Province. Spanning Liu River, the two bridges are the main connection channels for Hongshila Plot to connect with the outside world. Bridge No. 3 is 23.95m in full length and 18.8m in width, with a designed speed of about 20 km/h, while Bridge No. 4 is 46m in full length and 30.8m in width, with a designed speed of 30 km/h. Red bricks with British marks will be adopted as the main bridge body materials of Bridge No. 3, creating a rich British style. Simplified Tudor roses will be integrated with facades of stubs to add to the Tudor cultural theme. The whole of Bridge No. 4 will be grand and magnificent. Lion sculptures at the end points of the bridge will create a strong visual impression. The iron art sculptural pattern elements of Tutor roses will be integrated with the stubs, evoking the culture of the House of Tudor. MCC22 will undertake all the contents in the construction drawings and bill of quantities. The planned construction period is 268 calendar days.