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MCC CIE Wins Bidding for Yongfeng Steel’s Pelletizing Vertical Intensive Mixer Project
CopyFrom: Date:13 February 2018
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  On February 8th, MCC CIE successfully won the bidding for Shandong Yongfeng Steel’s Pelletizing Production Line Vertical Intensive Mixer Project.

  MCC CIE set up the vertical intensive mixer as a research and development project in 2012, accomplished research and development in 2015, and formed vertical intensive mixing technology and equipment with proprietary intellectual property rights. The first vertical intensive mixer was put into use in March 2015 in the Cold Steel Pelletizing Plant. In December of the same year, the vertical intensive mixers developed by MCC CIE reached the international advanced level as a whole through the MCC Group’s evaluation, and certain technologies also reached the international advanced level. The successful bid for this project marks that the vertical intensive mixer technologies researched and developed by MCC CIE have stepped into the popularization and application stage. With the increasing deepening of the industry understanding of MCC CIE’s vertical intensive mixer technologies and the maturity of the vertical intensive mixer entrance sintering process, the application space of vertical intensive mixers in the industrial technology market will be increasingly expanded.