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MCC2 Wins Bidding for Shandong Tai’an Xujialou Xinhua District Shantytown Construction Project
CopyFrom: Date:13 February 2018
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  On February 11th, the MCC2 Group won the bidding for the Shandong Tai’an Xujialou Xinhua District Phase I (Plot A-1-1) Shantytown Construction Project.

  This project is located in the west of Qingnian Road and north of Daiyang Street in Taishan District, Tai’an City. Composed of 5 buildings with shear wall structures, it covers an overall floorage of 75,403 m2. The construction period is 670 calendar days.

  Upon completion, this project will greatly improve the living conditions of the local people and provide a guarantee for local economic development and the improvement of living standards.