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MCCCE Wins Bidding for Chongqing Shizhu Zhongyi Village Style Renovation and Infrastructure Project
CopyFrom: Date:07 December 2017
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  On December 5th, the MCCCE Group won the bidding for the Shizhu County Zhongyi Village Style Renovation and Infrastructure Construction Project.

  Located in Zhongyi Village of Shizhu County, Chongqing Municipality, on the boundary between Shazichang Town and Zhongyi County, this project covers Zhongyi Village’s market town dike regulation, environmental facilities and landscape construction, style renovation, municipal roads, bridges, pipe networks and auxiliary facility construction inside the planned Zhongyi Village market town area, rural housing style renovation (including the area along the road from Shazichang Town to Zhongyi County), beautiful village engineering and other human settlement construction in the Zhongyi Village tourism area and Shazichang Town area, and Shazi Town market town infrastructure construction.