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MCC SKET Wins Bidding for Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan City Old Residential Quarter Reconstruction Project
CopyFrom: Date:07 December 2017
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  On December 5th, MCC SKET’s Qinhuangdao Company won the bidding for the Shanhaiguan District Old Residential Quarter Reconstruction and Improvement Engineering General Contracting Design and Construction Project.

  This project mainly involves reconstructing and improving 22 residential quarters including Yunshuli, Jian’an, Dalongdao and Huayue in Shanhaiguan District, and repairing 18 residential quarters. It includes 2,472,507 m2 of internal and external wall rendering, 37,572 m2 of road hardening, 94,755 m2 of roof waterproofing, residential landscaping, street lamp repair and installation, fence repair, gates, stairwell doors, light bulb replacement, bilge well decontamination and other works, as well as adding security monitoring and other facilities for all 22 residential quarters.