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MCC3 Wins Bidding for Bangladesh Pajala Coal-fired Power Plant Steel Structure Project
CopyFrom: Date:07 December 2017
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  On December 5th, the MCC3 Group’s Structural Company won the bidding for the Bangladesh Pajala 2×660 MW Coal-fired Power Plant Comprehensive Pipe Support Steel Structure Manufacturing Project.

  This project is invested in and constructed by Bangladesh to further improve the power source structure and utilization efficiency of the electrical power system. It is located at the Bangladesh Pajala 2×660 MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project. The Structural Company is in charge of about 2,300 tons of pipe support steel structure manufacturing. The steel structure component work includes the processing, manufacturing, rust removal, coating, packaging and transport of steel columns, girders, trusses, supports, steel crane girders and other steel structure products. Upon completion of manufacturing, the Structural Company will send the components to Tianjin Port. Meanwhile, the company will provide patents, proprietary technology products, installation instructions and other technology services for the components.

  This is the first time that MCC3 has participated in a steel structure manufacturing project for the Bangladesh Pajala 2×660MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project. This successful bid lays a solid foundation for ‘MCC3 iron and steel’ to go abroad again.