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CFMCC’s Wuqing Embankment Project Wins China’s First C40 City Award
CopyFrom: Date:07 December 2017
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  On December 5th, the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group’s Fifth City Awards Ceremony was held in Chicago, USA. At the ceremony, CFMCC’s contracted Wuhan Yangtze River Embankment River Beach Comprehensive Rehabilitation Project - Wuqing Embankment Section won the ‘Cities4Tomorrow’ award, becoming the only Chinese urban project to win this award.

  With the full name ‘C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group’, C40 is devoted to tackling climate change, promoting the actions of cities to reduce greenhouse gas emission and climate risk, and increasing the health, welfare and economic opportunities of urban residents, with a global urban population coverage of 650 million and an economic aggregate of member cities occupying 1/4 of the cities in the world. The C40 City Awards is held to commend world-leading cities in dealing with and adapting to climate change, and solve all the problems faced by cities regarding climate change through implementing replicable and extensible measures, schemes and routes. In 2017, the C40 City Awards established 5 awards: ‘Cities4Energy’, ‘Cities4Mobility’, ‘Cities4ZeroWaste’, ‘Cities4Action’, and ‘Cities4Tomorrow’. Each award has two winners, making a total of 10 winning cities, among which 5 US cities won 5 award.

  According to a report, a total of 174 projects in the world applied for the 2017 C40 City Awards, and all the projects concern greenhouse gas emission and urban climate environment improvement. Applying projects are assessed by a judging committee composed of sustainable development and climate change experts of C40 and Sustained Cities. A total of 25 projects were selected, including 5 projects contending for the ‘Cities4Tomorrow’ award. As a model project for implementing the significant development strategy of ‘Grand Yangtze River Protection’ and practicing the concept of ‘Ecology First, Green Development’, the Wuhan Yangtze River Embankment River Beach Comprehensive Rehabilitation Project - Wuqing Embankment Section finally won among competition from the Washington Climate Preparation Project, San Francisco Climate and Health Adaptation Framework, Rotterdam Roof Landscape Project and Central Hong Kong Landslide Prevention and Remission Project, which proves that the achievements made by this project in tackling climate change have been approved internationally.

  With an overall length of 7.5 km, this project has a total bottomland area of 110 hectares. Its main construction contents included gentle slope dike reconstruction, underground earth-sheltered architecture, bank slope renovation, traffic watergate and bottomland leveling, as well as comprehensive environmental improvement work. The project was commenced in October 2013, Phase I was completed in June 2015 and Phase II was completed in June 2017. As a constituent part of the principal axis of the Yangtze River, Wuqing Embankment occupies 14% of the total length of the current Yangtze River Embankment in Wuhan City. After the reconstruction, the flood control capacity of the river beaches has been improved. In addition, through its unique gentle slope reconstruction, a beautiful embankment landform has been created which breaks through obstacles to the close relationship between people and water, enables the river, embankments and urban spaces to be organically integrated as a whole, and creates a riverside water loving leisure space for the citizens. Meanwhile, the project adopted a large number of sponge city construction ideas and improved the water environment quality of the Yangtze River through regional environmental improvement. This project has been a beneficial exploration for Wuhan to practice the Grand Yangtze River Protection strategy.