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CFMCC Wins Bidding for Ezhou Evergrande Kidz World Exhibition Center Project
CopyFrom: Date:08 December 2017
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  On December 4th, CFMCC won the bidding for the Ezhou Evergrande Kidz World Exhibition Center Major Subject and Auxiliary Construction Project.

  Located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Honglian Avenue and Gaoxin Six Road in Ezhou City, Hubei Province, this project is a large-scale cultural tourism complex integrating the Kidz World, Exhibition Center, meeting center and large-scale performance center. Covering a total land area of 45,061.74 m2 and a total building area of about 7,000 m2, the Exhibition Center is composed of the main building, equipment room and auxiliary building. The main building has a building area of 6,317 m2 and one storey aboveground to a height of 29.85 m2, and it mainly includes an exhibition hall, service center, negotiation room, VIP negotiation room and storehouse.