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CISDI Wins Bidding for Chongqing Municipality Yuzhong District Shibati Area Auxiliary Facilities Construction EPC Project
CopyFrom: Date:08 December 2017
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  On December 7th, the CISDI Group won the bidding for the Chongqing Municipality Yuzhong District Shibati Area Road and Auxiliary Facilities Construction Engineering EPC Project.

  This auxiliary infrastructure project involves the construction of a traditional-style street in the Shibati Lower Urban Area of Yuzhong District. It includes aboveground and underground roads in Yuzhong District’s Shibati Area, replacement buildings for the People’s Armed Forces Department and a system linking the interworking and interconnecting sidewalks with the surrounding areas. As the most important basic public auxiliary project in Shibati Area, this project is an important peoples’ livelihood project of Yuzhong District to implement the Municipal Party Committee and Government’s ‘internal flow and external connection’ three-year action plan in the main urban area. The construction period is about 2 years.

  In its general planning and design, CISDI adopts the form of ‘three latitudes and one longitude’ for the ground-level road, and ‘one ring and three connections’ for the underground road, builds a regional communication network which directly connects the Liberation Monument underground circuit with Jiefang West Road, Changbin Road and Zhongxing Road, achieves interconnection and interworking between Shibati Area and the surrounding areas, effectively eases traffic congestion on surrounding roads, organically links the lower and upper urban areas of Yuzhong District, remodels the old style of Shibati Area and develops a traditional Bayu style. It is an important supporting project in the creation of another tourism card for Chongqing’s main area.