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Shanghai Baoye and Boill Holding Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement
CopyFrom: Date:05 December 2017
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  On December 2nd, a signing ceremony was held at the Boill Group Headquarters for a strategic cooperation agreement between the Shanghai Baoye Group and Boill Holding Group. It was attended by Shanghai Baoye President & Party Committee Secretary Bai Xiaohu and Boill Holding Group President Qiu Dongfang. Shanghai Baoye General Manager Chen Gang and Boill Holding Group Executive Vice President Yuan Guanghua signed the agreement on behalf of their respective parties.

  The Boill Holding Group is a diverse group integrating real estate, trade, finance and industry, and mainly engages in real estate development, big health, intelligent manufacturing, vocational education, asset management, financial investment, international trade, overseas investment and other businesses in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, France, the United States and other countries.

  In the next step, Shanghai Baoye and the Boill Holding Group will conduct deep cooperation in engineering investment and construction, ecological environment treatment, cultural tourism, cultural theme parks, senior care, characteristic towns, sponge cities, smart cities, beautiful villages, overseas market exploration and other fields, enhance their complementary advantages, jointly expand their domestic and foreign market shares, and seek mutual development.

  The ceremony was attended by Boill Holding Group Party Committee Secretary Zhang Fan, Vice-Presidents Wang Hongbing, Chen Chengzhong, Liu Feng and He Yunfei, Shanghai Baoye Vice-General Manager Yuan Silang, Assistant General Manager and Market Department Director Zhang Wen, Market Bureau Head Wu Zhongyu, Office and Enterprise Culture Department Principal Zhang Dian, Construction Engineering General Manager Dong Qing and International Engineering Company General Manager Yu Rui.