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MCC3 Wins Bidding for Hainan Ocean Flower Island No. 1 Foundation Treatment Project
CopyFrom: Date:05 December 2017
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  On November 4th, the MCC3 Group’s Second Construction Company won the bidding for the Hot Spring City High Pressure Jet Grouting Pile Second Foundation Treatment Project of the Hainan Evergrande Ocean Flower Island No. 1 Zone F and Polar and Tropical Mountain Exterior Foundation Treatment Project in the landing area of Sea World Zone No. 8.

  This project is located in Zone F of Island No. 1, Ocean Flower Island, Baimajing Town, Danzhou City, Hainan Province. MCC3’s Second Construction Company is mainly in charge of the construction of the high pressure jet grouting pile second foundation treatment of Port Region B near the Hot Spring City Thailand Pavilion in Hianan Evergrande Ocean Flower Island No. 1 island F zone (about 2,915 m of double pipe high pressure jet grouting piles) and the polar and tropical mountain exterior foundation treatment inside the landing area of Sea World Zone No. 8 in Hianan Evergrande Ocean Flower Island No.1 Zone F (about 518 m of triple-tube high pressure jet grouting piles).

  The Ocean Flower Island Project is not only an enterprise construction project but also a major provincial and municipal project promoting Danzhou’s whole-territory tourism construction and improving its urban comprehensive soft power and infrastructure construction level, which has been listed as the first project in Hainan Province’s western tourism during the ‘Twelfth Five’ by the Hainan Provincial Government. The construction of this project conforms to the development strategy of Hainan as an international tourism island, and will greatly improve the image and quality of Hainan Province’s coastal tourism, and add luster to Hainan’s western tourism resources.