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MCC22’s Algerian Mohammedia Public Rental Housing Receives Final Acceptance
CopyFrom: Date:06 December 2017
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  On December 4th, the MCC22 Group’s Algerian Mohammedia 1,150-unit Public Rental Housing Project received its final acceptance.

  Located in Mohammedia New Development Zone of Muskha Province, Algeria, this Algerian social security housing project covers a total building area of about 110,000 m2. It is divided into 6 areas. The major residential subjects have 5 to 6 storeys with a storey height of 3.06 m, concrete frame brick-concrete structures and bar-type foundation bases. The construction contents included earthwork, major subjects, secondary structures and decoration, as well as water and electricity installation.

  The Algerian Mohammedia 1,150 sets of public rental housing project lays a good foundation for the MCC Group in the Algerian housing project market, and creates an excellent enterprise brand and image. The Algerian local governments have highly appraised the project and fully affirmed its construction quality, contractual capacity and brand construction. This project has great significance for improving local livelihood conditions, solving the housing problems of local low-income groups, easing social housing pressure and promoting the stable and harmonious development of the local society.