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CFMCC Wins Bidding for Shanghai Jiading Huangdu Residence Project
CopyFrom: Date:30 October 2017
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  On October 30th, the CFMCC Group won the bidding for the Shanghai Jiading Huangdu Residence (Phase I) Plot 11A-06 Security Housing Development Project.

  This is a common property rights security housing project located in Huangdu Residence of Jiading District, Shanghai, and extending to Zhaota Road in the east, Chunta Road in the south, Songyang Road in the west and Caijiaqiao River in the north. It has a construction area of about 27000 m2 and a building area of about 100,000 m2. A total of 933 residential apartments are planned in the designs. Upon completion, this project will positively improve the living conditions of middle-income and low-income families with housing difficulties in local towns, and beneficially promote local economic development.