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China ENFI Signs Engineering Design Contract for Two Lithium Salt Projects
CopyFrom: Date:10 October 2017
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  On September 30th, China ENFI signed an engineering design contract for two lithium salt projects with a scale of 20,000 t/y and 30,000 t/y respectively. Both projects adopt the advanced sulfuric acid method in the industry to process Lithia ore. The sulfuric acid method lithium extraction technology has such features as production quality that meets customer requirements, capacity depending on market adjustability, low chemical material consumption and low production cost.

  At present, by virtue of such features as having the lightest proportion and strong chemical activity, lithium is playing an increasingly important role in high and new technology and national economic development and is called as ‘energy metal’ and ‘factor promoting the world forward’. Lithium and its numerous compounds have been widely applied to Li-ion power batteries, aluminum metallurgy, lithium bromide refrigeration, lithium-based lubricating grease, alkaline accumulators, synthetic rubber, optical glass, electronic glass, glass ceramics, enamel, ceramic glaze, brazing materials, steelmaking, bentonite, cement, medicine and other fields. With their light proportion and great specific strength, aluminum and magnesium-lithium alloys are important structural materials of airports and space shuttles. The lithium isotope Li6 can produce heavy hydrogen and is a material used in hydrogen bomb making and controlled thermonuclear reactions.

  The signing of this two-project design contract will effectively improve the company’s visibility and influence in the lithium salt technology field. China ENFI will give full play to the MCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’, complete the design work with high quality and quantity, further cultivate ENFI’s lithium salt brand and expand its lithium salt business.