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MCC20’s Phoenix International Media Center Wins Two World Top-Class Prizes
CopyFrom: Date:13 October 2017
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  At the end of September and beginning of October, the MCC22 Group’s ‘Phoenix International Media Center’ Project won two world top-class prizes.

  At the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering’s 2017 Structural Awards Meeting Venue held in Vancouver, Canada, the project won the only ‘International Outstanding Structure Engineering Award of the Year’. At the 2017 FIDIC Annual Conference, this project won the ‘FIDIC Engineering Outstanding Award of the Year’. These two awards are respectively equal to the Olympic Gold Medal and World Cup Gold Medal in the global construction industry. The Phoenix International Media Center Project has successively won two world top-class awards, marking that China’s building management and construction level has reached the world’s top level.

  Located on the banks of Liangma River and Tuanjie Lake in Chaoyang Park, Beijing, nicknamed the ‘Phoenix Nest’, the Phoenix International Media Center is an innovative, green, economical and environmentally friendly landmark building integrating an office area, studio area, entertainment area and auxiliary facilities. It has a land area of 18,821 m2, a total building area of 72,478 m2, 3 floors underground and 10 floors aboveground to a height of 54 m. MCC22 undertook the major structure, building decoration, professional engineering, building roofing, outdoor facilities and other works.

  The Phoenix International Media Center Project adopts an infinitely extended Mobius strip design style and a complex structure. After putting forward the design concept, the project’s design unit worried about the capability of the world’s building industry at that time. No enterprise could build it. During the bidding process, many world-class project teams withdrew. During its construction, with courage, insight, superb project management and construction capability, and strong innovation spirit and ability, MCC22 never delayed or slacked, overcame many world-class technological problems and built a modern and fashionable work of architectural art with strong national features in Beijing’s central business district after 5 years of work.