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MCC19 Wins Bidding for Panzhihua Infrastructure PPP Project
CopyFrom: Date:13 October 2017
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  On October 10th, the MCC19 Group received a bid-winning notice regarding the Panzhihua City Industrial Park (Vanadium-Titanium High-Tech District and Yizi Park) Infrastructure Comprehensive Auxiliary Engineering PPP Project.

  This project is located in the Panzhihua Vanadium-Titanium High-Tech Industrial Development District and Nanshan Circular Economy Development District Yizi Park in the southeast of Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province. As the great east gate with outside contact in Panzhihua, it has good regional transportation advantages and industrial agglomeration capability. The construction contents mainly include road engineering in the Vanadium-Titanium High-Tech District and Yizi Park, existing road surface and side ditch repair and improvement engineering and flood drainage engineering in the Vanadium-Titanium High-Tech District, Phase I of the waste dump, standardized workshop field leveling engineering and so on. The total construction period is 24 months.

  Upon completion, this project will promote the development of Panzhihua’s Vanadium-Titanium High-Tech District and Yizi Park, give further play to the comprehensive traffic hub roles of the two parks by integrating them with railway, highway and aviation, and enable them to become industry development regions with reasonable layouts, clear features and complementary advantages.