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  MCC20 Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai Juding Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
CopyFrom: Date:13 October 2017
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  On the afternoon of October 10th, the MCC20 Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Juding Engineering Technology Co., Ltd[A1] .

  As an innovative enterprise specializing in underground space development, Shanghai Juding Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. has nearly 20 years of design and construction experience in all kinds of underground engineering fields. The company mainly provides design, construction and consultation business regarding rectangular top tubes, roofing pipes, foundation consolidation, foundation pit reinforcement and many other businesses. The core team members have made related achievements in the field of rectangular top tubes nationwide, and their footprints cover over Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province, Yunnan Province, Fujian Province, Shanxi Province and elsewhere.

  Both parties to this cooperation agreement regard complementary advantages, resource integration and realizing joint development as the goals and footholds of fundamental interest. MCC20 will make use of its advantages in qualifications, project contracting, engineering management and other aspects. Shanghai Juding Engineering Technology will make use of its advantages in underground space development technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, project development and other aspects. Based on the principle of ‘complementary advantages and resource integration’, as well as reciprocity and mutual benefits, both parties will integrate their resource advantages, form an alliance of long-term joint development, develop extensive cooperation in such underground engineering design and construction as urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery engineering and municipal engineering, and realize win-win development.