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MCC20 Commences Zhejiang Hezhong New Energy Vehicles Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:30 May 2016
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In the morning of May 27th, the MCC20 Group formally commenced the Zhejiang Hezhong New Energy Vehicles Plant Area Project.

This project includes civil works, installation works, carcass works for punch-welding complex factories, coating workshops, assembly workshops, complex station rooms, canteens, comprehensive buildings, comprehensive R&D building test tracks and corresponding ancillary facilities. The construction contents of the project include such works as foundations, earthwork, concrete, steel structure, utilities installation, fire safety, decoration and landscaping within the scope of engineering drawings for the abovementioned engineering, engineering construction with some other explicit content, and the necessary labor, materials, equipment, construction machinery and services. Upon completion, this project will have four processes for full vehicle production (punching, welding, painting and assembly) and supporting facilities including the R&D center, test center, comprehensive office building and so on. It is expected to be put into operation at the beginning of 2017.