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Zou Hongying Meets Bank of Beijing Assistant President Dai Wei
CopyFrom: Date:29 December 2017
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  On December 21st, MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Standing Committee Member and MCC Vice-President & Chief Accountant Zou Hongying met Bank of Beijing Assistant President and Business Director Dai Wei and his delegation. Both sides deeply exchanged views on conducting extensive cooperation, enhancing financial innovation and other issues.

  Zou Hongying first warmly welcomed Dai Wei and his delegation, thanked the Bank of Beijing for its long-term support and praised the closed cooperation relationship forged by both sides for many years. He then briefly introduced the MCC Group’s recent development situations. At present, MCC has maintained its position as a national team of metallurgical construction which is ‘first in China and first-class in the world’, successfully achieved its transformation to the non-metallurgical business field, continuously developed transportation and municipal infrastructure, high-end buildings, urban underground comprehensive pipe galleries, sponge cities and beautiful villages, smart cities, characteristic theme parks, environmental engineering and new energy, elderly care and other non-metallurgical engineering fields, and established new competitive advantages through the transformation of intellectual property to productive force. In recent years, through management enhancement, MCC Group’s overall business indexes have continuously improved. The Bank of Beijing plays a vital role in the MCC Group’s development. The solid and stable partnership established between both sides has withstood the tests of time. In recent years, based on the traditional credit service, both sides have gradually expanded their business scale and conducted cooperation in consigned bonds, bank-enterprise settlement, private placement, beneficial rights transactions, international business and other aspects. The service scope covers the Group’s Headquarters and over 10 peripheral subsidiaries. Both sides are expected to continue to strengthen their cooperation in traditional business and the innovation field.

  Dai Wei highly praised the MCC Group’s development in recent years and approved its development thought. He then pointed out that he truly cherishes the deep friendship cultivated with MCC Group over the years. The Bank of Beijing depends on the advantages of Beijing City’s enterprises, and has conducted business cooperation with MCC Group since 2005. Their business scope has developed into a multi-business and multi-aspect cooperation mode from the initial pure deposit and loan business, and achieved breakthroughs in international business, consigned bonds, cash management, innovative products and other aspects. In the future, the Bank of Beijing will enhance its financial innovation, provide practicable, effective and innovative financial products according to the MCC Group’s needs, continuously increase the degree of support it offers MCC and do a good job in comprehensive financial services.

  The meeting was attended by relevant personnel from Bank of Beijing Co., Ltd.’s Banking Department, Investment Banking Department and Headquarters Business Department Lin Yuan, Ji Yu, Ding Cixiu, Lu Dong, Fu Jie, Guo Zonglei and Hu Yilan, and relevant MCC Group personnel Zhang Hongjin, Wang Hongbo, Zheng Wei, Cong Rong, Guo Yuan and others.