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Zhang Mengxing Attends National Metallurgical Construction Industrial Vocational Skills Competition and MCC Group’s Sixth Vocational Skills Competition Opening Ceremony
CopyFrom: Date:22 November 2017
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  On November 20th, the opening ceremony of 2017 China Skills Competition - the National Metallurgical Industrial Vocational Skills Competition and MCC Group’s Sixth Vocational Skills Competition was held in Wuhan. MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary, MCC President and China Metallurgical Construction Association President Zhang Mengxing attended the opening ceremony and launched the competition. MCC Group and MCC Worker Director and Organization Party Committee Secretary Lin Jinzhen presided over the opening ceremony. CFMCC Party Committee Secretary and President Song Zhanjiang gave a welcome speech on behalf of the organizer.

  In his speech, Zhang Mengxing pointed out that iron and steel are the ‘bread’ of the industry and metallurgical construction enterprises are the ‘founders’ of the iron and steel industry. Since the reform and opening-up policy, by virtue of their brilliant techniques and rigorous work style, millions of metallurgical constructors have boosted the development of China’s annual steel capacity from 10 million to 800 million tons. Meanwhile, they conform to changes in market demands, positively devote themselves to civilian installation construction and make remarkable achievements. However, with the changes in the engineering contracting system and enterprise employment mechanism, traditional skilled talents of metallurgical construction are gradually becoming old. The current lack of high-skilled talents has become a bottleneck restricting stable and healthy industrial development. As such, with the support of the China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center and the care of leaders and industrial experts from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the China Metallurgical Construction Association and MCC Group are jointly holding the ‘National Metallurgical Construction Industrial Vocational Skills Competition and MCC Group’s Sixth Vocational Skills Competition’. With the positive participation of industrial enterprises, this competition will become the best platform for promoting the growth of high-skilled talents, boosting the popularization and development of the industrial craftsman’s spirit, and cultivating a large industrial army that can meet the needs of industrial and social development.

  Zhang Mengxing emphasized that enterprise competition is ultimately competition between talents. Talents are the most precious resource and treasure of enterprises, and the key force for promoting the development and progress of enterprises and industries. MCC Group’s notable success in recent years depends on respect for knowledge, talents and creation, full improvement of skilled talents with a focus on the quality and level of excellent skilled talents, and the creation of a sound environment in which everyone can be a talent and show their genius. At the 44th World Skills Competition in October, MCC Group competitor Ning Xianhai won the gold medal in the welding event, marking that an MCC Group competitor continues to be the champion of this event after Zeng Zhengchao won it at the 43rd World Skills Competition in 2015, achieving the zero breakthrough in China’s gold medal history in the World Skills Competition. They are representatives of skilled talents in metallurgical construction, presenting the positive, aggressive and vigorous spiritual outlook and excellent techniques of Chinese youths and skilled people on the stage of the World Skills Competition, and winning honor for the country and people.

  Zhang Mengxing expressed that this competition is a centralized display of the skill level of the metallurgical construction industry and a centralized review of skilled talents in metallurgical construction. He hopes that all competitors will have a good attitude, struggle for success, show their style and good performance, continuously improve their skill level and make new contributions to the improvement and development of our country’s iron and steel industry and metallurgical construction enterprises.

  The opening ceremony was attended by over 260 people including Wuhan City Federation of Trade Unions Party Group Secretary and Vice-Executive Chairman Li Danfang, Baotou Steel Group Vice-General Manager Pan Ying, Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group Vice-General Manager Li Zhanguo, Hubei Provincial Vocational Skills Identification and Guidance Center Vice-Director Zeng Jiuzhou, China Metallurgical Geology Bureau Deputy Director-General Ding Chuanxi, Anyang Iron & Steel Group Engineering Technology Development Co., Ltd. General Manager Bai Gang, leaders of relevant MCC Group subsidiaries Song Zhanjiang, Han Guorui, Kang Chengye, Pan Biyi, Zhu Xiaoyou, Zhu Yonggui and Bai Xiaohu, Wuhan City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Vocational Capacity Construction Department Director Li Biwen, Wuhan City Vocational Skills Identification and Guidance Center Director Tao Jian, China Metallurgical Construction Association Secretary-General Liu Jingfeng, leaders of the metallurgical construction industry from across the country and the judges, managers, coaches and competitors of the competing teams. No. 9 Metallurgical Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager and Chief Referee of the competition Ding Xuefeng reported the competition’s preparation situations. The judge and competitor representatives respectively made vows on the stage.

  Jointly held by the China Metallurgical Construction Association, MCC Group and China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center, and undertaken by CFMCC, this competition aims to strongly carry forward the timely style of labor glory, precious techniques and the craftsman’s spirit of constantly improving, further promote the workers’ skills training work of the national metallurgical construction system, and improve the workers’ technique level and engineering construction quality. Based on the two events of bricklaying and measuring, it attracts 119 competitors in 26 teams from 19 units, including Ma Steel, Anyang Steel, Lianyuan Steel, Shaoguan Steel, Panzhihua Steel and MCC Group system. A total of 84 competitors in 17 teams participated in the measuring event, while 35 competitors in 9 teams participated in the bricklaying event. To guarantee the fairness of the competition, the China Metallurgical Construction Association selected 49 national experts to serve as referees. The competitors anonymously drew lots and changed numbers many times, thus guaranteeing the fairness and integrity of the competition.

  This competition is the national Second Class competition and the highest competition in the national metallurgical construction industry. According to the Competition Committee’s incentive measures, each of the top three qualified competitors will be honored as a ‘National Skills Expert’ upon approval by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.