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Zhang Zhaoxiang Meets MMG Independent Non-executive Director Delegation
CopyFrom: Date:07 December 2017
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  On December 6th, China Minmetals Group Vice-General Manager, MCC Group General Manager and MCC Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang met an independent non-executive director delegation led by Minmetals and Metals Group (MMG) CEO Jiao Jian.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang welcomed the MMG independent non-executive director delegation and pointed out that the MCC Group has undertaken over 90% of the design and construction projects of China’s large-scale iron and steel enterprises, occupies a market share of over 60% of the global metallurgical market, has the most authoritative nonferrous industrial design consultancy company in China and has completed almost all of China’s large-scale nonferrous mines and smelting projects, as well as investing in and constructing the world’s third-largest laterite nickel ore project, the Ramu Project in Papua New Guinea, which has set a record for the smallest investment and largest yield compared with similar projects worldwide, stably reached the target output and began to make profits; all directors are invited to visit. MCC hopes to enhance communication with MMG. MCC will provide quality services for the development of MMG with its good results and abundant experience.

  MMG CEO Jiao Jian thanked the MCC Group on behalf of the independent non-executive directors and said that it was a great honor to visit MCC as the first batch of guests to visit the exhibition. He then pointed out that through this visit, he has comprehensively learned about the MCC Group and its glorious achievements in the metallurgy and nonferrous fields. He hopes to enhance connection and communication, and deepen the cooperation between both sides.

  The visit was attended by Minmetals International General Manager and MMG Non-executive Director Gao Xiaoyu, MMG Independent Non-executive Directors Peter Cassidy and CY Leung, relevant MMG and Minmetals International personnel Nick Myers, Mark Davis, Suresh Vadnagra, Gao Fei, and Wang Yuefang, and relevant MCC Group personnel Xu Xiangchun and Fan Jintian.