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Zhang Mengxing and His Delegation Investigates and Surveys MCC Subsidiaries’ Projects in Wuhan
CopyFrom: Date:24 November 2017
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  On November 21st, MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing and his delegation investigated and surveyed the Shanghai Baoye Group’s contracted National Storage Base Bid Section A Project (Phase I), MCC20’s contracted Wuhan Optics Valley Science & Technology Convention and Exhibition Center Project, WISDRI’s completed Wuhan Guanggu Bridge Project and underway Rapid Guanggu Avenue Transformation Project, and other key projects in Wuhan.

  Zhang Mengxing and his delegation first visited Shanghai Baoye’s contracted National Storage Base Main Power House Core Equipment Layer Project and listened to a work report at the site. The Project Department mainly introduced the overall project planning, current construction situation, technological innovation, excellence creation measures in quality and safety, second operation, money collection situation, project team construction and other implementation conditions. He approved of the performances gained by the project management team and spoke highly of Shanghai Baoye’s practices in young talent cultivation work. He then pointed out that Shanghai Baoye has provided a wide development platform for young employees, and its project management team is young and passionate, and has been solidly trained in project construction. He encouraged the young people to cherish the opportunity to learn and practice in such a large-scale enterprise as Baoye, make passionate efforts and constantly gain experience and development in the struggle to realize the enterprise’s vision. Zhang Mengxing also cordially talked with onsite project managers and learned about the work and living conditions of many onsite workers. The project management team said that it pledges to contribute its own strength to the Group’s development road, make efforts to develop, live up to the great hopes of the leadership and deliver a satisfactory answer sheet to the owner and the Group with practical actions.

  At the Optics Valley Science & Technology Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhang Mengxing particularly inquired about the project’s construction situation, affirmed the will and determination of the constructors in installing nearly 40,000 tons of steel structure within an extremely short time by drawing on the spirit of working day and night, and spoke highly of MCC20 for forging such a top quality building which will ensure the smooth convening of several large-scale exhibitions. Zhang Mengxing then inspected the exhibition halls and multifunctional halls on each floor, and particularly learned about the Center’s construction quality, functions and the social influence produced by its use. While listening to the relevant leaders of Hubei Province and Wuhan City speak highly of the project, he said, “The venue design, construction and decoration are all very good and very splendid, which represents the highest level of Wuhan, and meetings of high class and even at the national level will be able to be held here. It’s amazing.” Zhang Mengxing pointed out that MCC20’s Hengqin Underground Pipe Gallery Project recently won the only ‘Luban Prize’ for pipe galleries nationwide. It is necessary to summarize and popularize such successful experience on this basis, and make efforts to enable the Optical Valley Project to win another ‘Luban Prize’. The successful operation of the Optical Valley Project illustrates that MCC20 has very strong comprehensive organization and management capability for large-scale projects, and it has achieved new development and progress on the road of transformation and upgrading. He then required MCC20 to strengthen its confidence, complete quality projects, accumulate performance and forge the MCC brand; it must insist on the strategic positioning of being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’, strengthen its management, transformation and upgrading with the MCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’, and promote the MCC Group to realize new and greater development on its new journey.

  Finally, Zhang Mengxing and his delegation visited the construction site of WISDRI’s Rapid Guanggu Avenue Transformation Project. He particularly inquired about the overall project construction and management conditions. Under linear and open construction conditions with maximum management difficulty, WISDRI is managing the site in perfect order, which fully shows that WISDRI has a high project management level and strong management team solidarity and cooperation abilities. Meanwhile, WISDRI is the most successful benchmark enterprise and the earliest to achieve transformation in the MCC Group. Seen from the current transformation development results, its strategy transformation has been the most successful and its strategy selection proven to have been correct and accurate. Among MCC’s enterprises in the same category, its asset quality is the highest and its development trend the best. He required WISDRI to make persistent efforts, further increase its degree of standardizing onsite project marks, molding its brand image and other aspects, and strive to do greater deeds in the transformation process from an engineering contractor to a technology service provider with a complete flow scheme and full life cycle.

  The investigations and surveys were attended by WISDRI Party Committee Secretary and President Xiang Mingwu, MCC20 Party Committee Secretary and President Zhu Yonggui, Shanghai Baoye Party Committee Secretary and President Bai Xiaohu, and other related personnel.