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Zhang Zhaoxiang and Zhang Mengxing Meet 44th World Skills Competition Welding Event Champion Ning Xianhai
CopyFrom: Date:24 November 2017
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  On November 22nd, China Minmetals Deputy General Manager, MCC Group General Manager & MCC Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang and MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing cordially met 44th World Skills Competition Welding Event champion Ning Xianhai and the MCC team at the MCC Headquarters in Beijing. Zhang Zhaoxiang announced the Group’s commendation and awards decisions for the individuals and teams that participated in the competition, and issued an ‘MCC Group Model Worker’ certificate and ‘MCC Group Chief Technician’ letter of appointment to Ning Xianhai. Zhang Mengxing issued ‘MCC Group Outstanding Contribution Unit in the Cultivation of Skilled Talents’ certificates to CRIBC and the MCC19 Group.

  In his speech, Zhang Zhaoxiang first expressed his warm congratulations and thanks on behalf of President Guo Wenqing, the MCC Group and the MCC Party Committee to Ning Xianhai, Bian Tao and the MCC team for the excellent performance they gained in the 44th World Skills Competition. He then pointed out that their outstanding performance not only won honor for the country and the MCC Group but also for their enterprises and teams. In his report at the 19th National Congress of the CPC, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized carrying forward and cultivating craftsmanship. China is opening a new era. In the construction of this new era, on the new journey of building a great socialist power, craftsmanship is the most fundamental support. Industry is the most original foundational support for the development of national strength and economic growth, and a craftsman’s role to complete industry is absolutely necessary. As such, cultivating tens of thousands of qualified craftsmen, especially the best craftsmen, is not only necessary for the Group’s development but also necessary for national development. President Guo Wenqing pointed out that the MCC Group’s strategic positioning is to be the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the cmain force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’. The term ‘high-tech’ not only includes leading scientific research but also the application skills and support of a large batch of excellent technicians. As an undertaking unit and the most primary participation unit of the welding event and building metal structure event assembled training base, CRIBC and MCC19’s influence in the field of skills has been obviously promoted, and Zeng Zhengchao, Ning Xianhai, Bian Tao and other excellent skilled masters have become MCC’s bright name cards, excellent representatives and important supports for realizing the strategic positioning.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang said that in light of his excellent performance at the World Skills Competition where he won honor for the country, MCC decided to award Ning Xianhai with the honorary title of ‘MCC Group Model Worker’ and appoint him to ‘MCC Group Chief Technician’ after research. Meanwhile, in accordance with the national awarding standards, the Group gave Ning Xianhai an after-tax award of RMB 300,000 and the welding team an after-tax award of RMB 300,000, and gave Bian Tao an after-tax award of RMB 50,000 and the building metal structure team an after-tax award for RMB 50,000. Meanwhile, CRIBC and MCC19 were awarded with ‘MCC Group Outstanding Contribution Unit in the Cultivation of Skilled Talents’ certificates. He hopes that everyone will make persistent efforts and gain more excellent performances. As always, the Group will provide strong support.

  In his speech, Zhang Mengxing expressed his happiness and pride for the excellent performances that everyone gained. Without craftsmanship, the MCC Group would not be able to gain development performance. Everyone is a representative of the MCC Group’s craftsmanship and the central MCC brand. He then congratulated and thanked everyone. He hopes that everyone will distinguish themselves in the Group’s future development and not only do well in their work but also lead a batch of technology experts to make contributions and efforts for the MCC Group’s development.

  Ning Xianhai, Bian Tao, Welding Event Expert Group Leader Liu Jingfeng and Coach Team Leader Zhou Shuchun, and Building Metal Structure Event Expert Group Leader Ma Dezhi and Coach Team Leader Liu Dinglv successively reported their feelings after participating in the competition and the direction in which to invest their efforts in the future. The relevant principals of MCC19 and CRIBC made declaration statements.

  The meeting was attended by the relevant MCC Group, MCC19 and CRIBC personnel Wang Yongguang, Lin Jinzhen, Zeng Gang, Qi Dongping, Tian Ye, Zhu Jianguo, Li Xiao and others.