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Zhang Mengxing Convenes Principal Forum for MCC’s Organization in Pakistan
CopyFrom: Date:30 October 2017
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  On October 26th, 2017, MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing presided over and convened a principal forum for the MCC Group’s organization in Pakistan. Zhang Mengxing emphasized that after making efforts for more than ten years, MCCT has successfully leased and operated the Saindak Copper-Gold Joint Venture , comprehensively displayed MCC’s brand image and established MCC employees’ good reputation for working hard and pioneering, which has been widely praised and respected by all circles in Pakistan. While becoming an opening pioneer for MCC to open Pakistan’s market, it has set up a good model for all MCC’s brother units. In recent years, MCC WSGRI completed the Pakistan Chiniot Iron Mine Project and relevant multi-metal mineral exploration work; CFMCC Group smoothly completed the Pakistan 300 MW Photovoltaic Power Station Construction Project, creating ‘China Speed’; China ENFI and MCCT jointly won the bidding for the Lahore 2,000 t/d Waste Incineration Power Generation Project; and MCC20 and CFMCC gained achievements in Pakistan’s infrastructure construction. Generally speaking, the MCC Group has shown a good development situation of priority breakthroughs and comprehensive blooming in Pakistan’s market development. It is difficult to gain such performance and this is worthy of being highly praised. On behalf of the Group, Zhang Mengxing conveyed cordial greetings to the Chinese and Pakistani employees sticking to all their project departments and sites in Pakistan.

  Zhang Mengxing required all organizations to tightly grasp the very rare and positive opportunity of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, advance steadily and surely, consolidate step by step and strive to develop the Pakistan market. First, it is necessary to manage effectively. It is necessary to complete the projects at hand with high standards of quality, guarantee the market with the ‘battleground’ and effectively expand the market. Second, it is necessary to rapidly promote marketing capability, which is the first capability of marketing personnel. It is necessary to take the current good opportunity and spare no efforts to develop new projects by every available means. Third, it is necessary to control risks and positively create business models. The Group encourages and supports subsidiaries to create markets and exploit new models according to the different features of different countries, and it is hoped that the employees will take steps in creating business models. Fourth, high-end agencies or counselors must be hired for project market development. It is necessary to take full advantage of such resources and create the necessary good conditions for successful project implementation. Fifth, it is necessary to promote the localization ratio and management level, promote from labor export to technology and management export in project management, and further promote MCC’s brand influence. Zhang Mengxing pointed out that in the general new-era background of the ‘Belt and Road’ proposal and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor construction, MCC’s marketing personnel shall have a greater vision, target and capability. Employees shall have open minds, learn to respect and be tenacious, continuously promote their business capability and make up for their weaknesses, perfect the incentive assessment distribution mechanism, give full play to and utilize the gold-lettered signboard of ‘MCC’, put sufficient efforts into high-end technology support, high-end talents, high-end consultants, high-end partners and high-end business models, and contribute more to MCC’s great development in overseas businesses. Zhang Mengxing cordially pointed out to the attendees that Pakistan’s public security situation is still severe and all organizations shall maintain close cooperation with the Pakistan Government and China’s organizations in Pakistan. It is necessary to closely depend on local employees, adopt the measures for mass prevention and mass treatment, and practically ensure personal and property safety.