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MCC Group Convenes Intellectual Property Legal Protection Seminar
CopyFrom: Date:10 October 2017
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  On September 27th, the MCC Group convened an intellectual property legal protection seminar at the MCC ACRE Coking & Refractory Engineering Consulting Corporation. The main tasks of the meeting were to carry out the spirit of the MCC Group’s semi-annual experience exchange meeting and the work requirements for the ‘national team of metallurgical construction’ to rise up and start up business once again, enhance the legal protection degree of intellectual property, prevent intellectual property legal risks, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise and make MCC’s main business more excellent. MCC Group General Counsel Yang Jingzhou presided over the meeting, summarized the achievements gained in intellectual property work in combination with the Group’s current intellectual property management and protection situation, analyzed existing problems in intellectual property legal protection and made deployments for the intellectual property legal protection work in the next step.

  Initially, it is necessary to comprehensively summarize the basic status of the Group’s intellectual property work, objectively understand its main features concerning ‘great achievements, huge difficulty, large space and considerable responsibility’, and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission in intellectual property management and legal protection.

  First, the Group pays close attention to intellectual property work, operates its intellectual property management system effectively, steadily improves the quantity and quality of its intellectual property, and gains great achievements. Currently, MCC holds 21,000 patents, 1,400 per 10,000 employees, ranking fourth among central enterprises for four consecutive years. Second, MCC’s intellectual property work has strong professionalism, a wide coverage of different fields, many participating departments, a long management process and complex factors of influence. Intellectual property management and legal protection are very difficult. Third, there still exist certain prominent problems in the Group’s intellectual property work regarding concept updating, system improvement, quality promotion, balanced development, legal protection and other aspects. These problems have become ‘shortcomings’ that restrict the enterprise’s innovation and development. There is great room for improvement in intellectual property management and legal protection. Fourth, intellectual property management and protection is of important significance for implementing the Group’s new strategic positioning and ensuring that the ‘national team of metallurgical construction’ will rise up and start business once again. The size of the workload and weight of responsibility are unprecedented.

  Second, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the basic features of intellectual property, accurately grasp intellectual property work discipline, apply intellectual property rights protection strategies and techniques effectively, and reinforce the professional foundation of intellectual property management and legal protection.

  Intellectual property rights are intangible property rights. Intangibility (immateriality) is their essential property. The intellectual property rights work shall be carried out with a focus on this basic feature. The object of intellectual property rights is intellectual achievement, and the carriers of intellectual achievement are intelligent employees. The creativity of its scientists is a precious resource for an enterprise. The top-level design of the intellectual property work shall be ‘people-oriented’. The key factor of ‘people’ shall be tightly grasped in carrying out creation, utilization, management and protection of intellectual property rights. The key point is to establish and perfect a mechanism which unifies stimulation, adjustment and constraint, and fully mobilize and give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of scientists grasping core technologies.

  An intellectual property system is a product combining science and technology, and economics and law, and essentially solving the attribution problems of ‘knowledge’ property rights. Intellectual property laws define the property rights attribution of intellectual achievements so as to encourage invention and creation, stimulate knowledge and technological innovation, and ensure that intellectual achievement and creation runs smoothly in a virtuous circle. It is necessary to give full play to the important functions of the intellectual property system in order to drive the property rights transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, transform technological advantages into market advantages, and effectively configure technological innovation resources.

  Third, it is necessary complete the top-level design effectively, establish a centralized, unified, coordinated and efficient intellectual property management system with clear rights and responsibilities, and clarify the job objectives and main tasks in intellectual property management and legal protection.

  First, it is necessary to implement the Enterprise Intellectual Property Management, strengthen intellectual property legal protection consciousness, establish an intellectual property management system adaptable to the Group’s new strategic positioning and ensure that intellectual property management and protection is infused throughout the whole production and operation process. Second, it is necessary to perfect the intellectual property management system, highlight system standardization, professionalism and effectiveness, embed legal protection into the intellectual property management process and ensure that there are regulations to abide by for intellectual property legal protection. Third, it is necessary to combine the different features of intellectual property (intangibility, exclusiveness, dualism, locality, timeliness, etc.) and features of different kinds of intellectual properties (patents, trademarks, copyrights, business secrets, etc.), regard preventive protection as the key point, implement policies of different kinds and promote the pertinence and effectiveness of intellectual property legal protection. Fourth, it is necessary to pay close attention to intellectual property talent team construction and cultivate a batch of intellectual property talent teams that have mastered intellectual property theory, understand standardization and certification management, are familiar with intellectual property rights protection policies and skills, are skilled at contacting government departments, service organizations and standardized organizations, and constantly enhance their intellectual property legal protection ability. Fifth, it is necessary to fully integrate the Group’s internal and external intellectual property resources, establish a resource sharing platform, promote the intellectual property case professionalism and standardization management level, and enhance intellectual property legal protection efficiency.

  At the meeting, the Group’s Science and Technology Department Patent Management Office Principal introduced the Group’s intellectual property management work situation; the Human Resources Department Training Division Principal elaborated on the importance of the human resource factor in intellectual property management; 12 scientific research, reconnaissance and design subsidiaries communicated about their basic intellectual property management and protection situations, and discussed the important and difficult points in intellectual property legal protection; and MCC ACRE, WISDRI and other subsidiaries shared their working experience and lessons regarding handling intellectual property cases.

  The meeting was attended by over 40 people including relevant personnel from the MCC Group’s Law and Contract Management Department, Science and Technology Department and Human Resources Department, the relevant department and office principals of the General Office, and the main leaders and law and science & technology leaders of MCC ACRE, as well as the legal affairs and intellectual property management department principals of 12 scientific research, reconnaissance and design subsidiaries.