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MCC19 Zhou Shuchun Selected for SASAC ‘Party Member Idol’ Commonweal Advertising Display
CopyFrom: Date:10 October 2017
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  On October 1st, to welcome the smooth opening of the Party’s 19th National Congress, complete solid work for the ‘New Central Enterprises Forging Ahead’ series of publicity activities and further present the brave, responsible, innovative and dedicated spirit of the outstanding Party members of central enterprises, the SASAC News Center launched public service advertising on the Beijing Metro, residential block TV and other public spaces publicizing a batch of outstanding Party member representatives from all walks of life. Recommended by the MCC Party Committee’s Publicity Department, among 18 selected outstanding central enterprise Party member representatives, MCC19 Group employee Zhou Shuchun was successfully selected as an outstanding Party member representative from the metallurgical industry.

  This ‘Party Member Idol’ Public Service Advertising Display will be formally broadcast until the end of this year on 7 outdoor large-scale screens, including Beijing Metro Lines 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, 1,605 high-speed trains per day from Beijing to Guangzhou and from Beijing to Shanghai and Wangfujing, 6,500 residential block TVs and other media. Besides the public service advertising, the SASAC website, SASAC Sina Weibo and Central Enterprise Media Alliance will co-publicize, further produce and spread publicity products so as to better present the great love of outstanding state-owned enterprise party members in carrying the ‘Chinese Dream’, courageously struggling and forging ahead, express the ardent expectations of state-owned enterprises for the 19th National Congress and deliver positive energy and confidence to the whole nation.

  ‘Great Country Craftsman’ Zhou Shuchun started work in 1992, studied hard and assiduously, and rapidly became a leader from an ordinary worker in the welding field of China’s metallurgical construction industry after honing his skills on about 100 projects and over 10,000 welding lines. Having successively obtained over 50 various honors and prizes including ‘Sichuan Province Excellent Expert with Outstanding Contributions’, ‘Central Enterprise Model Worker’, ‘National Metallurgical Construction Senior Technical Expert’, ‘National Technology Expert’, ‘National May 1st Labor Medal’, ‘China Skills Award’, ‘Expert Enjoying Special State Council Allowance’, ‘Sichuan Province Excellent Communist’, ‘China Minmetals Corporation Excellent Communist’, ‘MCC Group Technology Expert’ and ‘Panzhihua City Expert with Outstanding Contributions’, he is the Chief Leader of the National and Provincial Technical Master Workshop, and has been the Chief Coach of China’s Welding Team for the World Skills Competition for 4 consecutive years (the 41st to 44th competitions). The contestants he has trained have won one gold and one silver medal and a winning prize for China at the World Skills Competition (China’s first silver and gold medals at this competition). He has also been honored as ‘World Skills Competition Outstanding Contribution Individual’ by the country for 3 consecutive years. In September 2015, as an advanced model representative, Zhou Shuchun attended the commemoration meeting for the 70th anniversary of victory in the War of the Chinese People’s Resistance against Japan and the World Anti-Fascism War at Tian’anmen. In 2016, he was selected as a representative of the Chinese Communist Party’s 10th Congress in Panzhihua and attended the 10th Congress of Party Representatives in the city.