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Afghanistan CEO Abdullah Attended the Commencement Ceremony of MCC’s Kabul University Project
CopyFrom: Date:12 October 2017
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  On October 10th, the MCC19 Group held the commencement ceremony of the China-financed Kabul University Comprehensive Teaching Building and Auditorium Project on the campus of Kabul University in Afghanistan. Afghanistan CEO Abdullah, Higher Education Minister Roshan, Kabul University Principal Farooqi, Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Yao Jing and other guests attended the ceremony and made speeches.

  Afghanistan CEO Abdullah expressed sincere thanks to the Chinese government and people on behalf of the Afghanistan government and people, and explained the significance of this project for promoting friendship between the two countries, pointing out that China is Afghanistan’s friendly neighbor and has supported its peaceful post-war reconstruction work for many years. He thanked the Chinese side for their years of assistance in various areas covering education, medical treatment, business and other fields. Afghanistan is currently in a key period of post-war reconstruction and it has a large demand for talents, and this is an important infrastructure project that will allow the country to cultivate such talents. Upon completion, it will become a large booster promoting Afghanistan’s higher talent cultivation and Afghanistan-China cultural communication.

  In his speech, Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Yao Jing pointed out that this China-financed Afghan school is an important part of China-Afghanistan cooperation in many aspects. China is paying close attention to the construction quality of its financed project and has elaborately chosen the organized and responsible MCC19 Group as its constructor. He believes that the construction of this project will boost the further development of the friendly cooperation relationship between the two countries.

  The China-financed Kabul University Comprehensive Teaching Building and Auditorium Project covers a total building area of about 14,100 m2, of which the comprehensive teaching building covers 8,350 m2, the auditorium covers 5,200m2 and the equipment room covers 550 m2. Its contents mainly include the major structures of the buildings, building decoration (refined), strong and weak electricity system, water drainage and supply system, air-conditioning ventilation system, teaching office equipment installation, indoor furniture and appliances, outdoor engineering and other projects. Upon completion, it will be the largest complex building of Kabul University. It is estimated to be completed in December 2019.