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Wang Shilei Visits Qingdao City Deputy Mayor Zhang Deping
CopyFrom: Date:08 September 2017
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  On September 7th, MCC Vice-President Wang Shilei visited Qingdao City People’s Government Deputy Mayor Zhang Deping. In a friendly atmosphere, both sides deeply discussed the implementation of strategic cooperation.

  Wang Shilei conveyed President Guo Weiqing’s greetings to Zhang Deping, highly praised Qingdao’s rapid development and introduced the relevant work since the beginning of the strategic cooperation between MCC Group and Qingdao City. He pointed out that Qingdao City is an important eastern coastal central city of China and the city with the third largest economy capacity in the north after Beijing and Tianjin (over RMB 1 trillion), displaying rapid economic development momentum. Last year, the MCC Group and Qingdao City signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Since then, all tasks have been stably implemented. He hopes that through this communication and connection meeting, both sides will further communicate about project information, serve regional economic construction and livelihood projects with MCC’s all-round technology advantages, deeply cooperate on urban rail transit, expressways, metros and light railways, comprehensive pipe galleries, sponge city technology, smart city technology and other fields, and promote the implementation of more projects.

  Zhang Deping first welcomed Wang Shilei and his delegation. He then pointed out that the MCC Group will give full play to the technological strength and social brand of a central enterprise, and positively participate in the regional construction of Qingdao. In recent years, a large batch of projects, including Qingdao’s new airport expressway, urban rail transit and other projects, require the participation of strong central enterprises like the MCC Group in order for the city and the enterprise to develop together and achieve mutual benefits.

  The meeting was attended by Qingdao Municipal Government General Office Deputy Director Wang Zhentao, Qingdao City Transport and Communications Committee Director Wang Yong, Qingdao City Transport and Communications Committee Deputy Director Xu Shiqi, MCC Group & MCC Assistant General Manager (President) and MCC Group Domestic Market Development Department Director Zeng Jianzhong, MCC Group Investment Management Department Director Yang Kui, MCC Communication Construction Party Committee Director Geng Yansheng, Shanghai Baoye Vice-General Manager and BERIS General Manager Xu Qiwen and so on.