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Wang Shilei Meets HBIS Group President and Party Committee Secretary Yu Yong
CopyFrom:MCC Date:11 August 2017
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  On August 10th, to comprehensively implement the spirit of President Guo Wenqing’s important speech at the MCC Group and MCC’s 2017 Semiannual Experience Exchange Meeting and practically promote the ‘national team of metallurgical construction’ to promote and complete another high-level pioneering work, MCC Group and MCC Party Standing Committee Member and MCC Vice President Wang Shilei met with HBIS Group President and Party Committee Secretary Yu Yong in Shijiazhuang. Both parties conducted a thorough exchange on further strengthening their cooperation and jointly promoting green construction in steel and iron bases, technical improvement in steel mills, urban steel mill relocation, overseas transfer in steel capacity and other matters.

  Wang Shilei first expressed his gratitude for the long-term support that the HBIS Group has given MCC Group, reviewed the happy cooperation history between both parties and briefly introduced the MCC Group’s current development situation. He then pointed out that as one of the largest steel and iron material manufacturers and comprehensive service providers in our country, the HBIS Group’s core enterprise Tangsteel is praised as the ‘cleanest steel mill in the world’ in the industry, and its Serbia Steel Mill has become a landmark project of ‘ the Belt and Road’ initiative and international capacity cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe. As a long-term strategic cooperation partner of MCC Group, MCC Group pays close attention to its cooperation with the HBIS Group, basically contracts all the large-scale construction projects of Tangsteel, Hansteel, Xuansteel, Chengsteel, Wusteel, Shisteel and other HBIS Group subsidiaries, and witnesses each step of the HBIS Group’s development and expansion. Both parties have established a deep friendship.

  Wang Shilei pointed out that neutralizing surplus capacity in the iron and steel industry has gained phased achievements, and the conditions of the industry have shown substantial improvement in the first half of 2017. In the future, the growth of the demand for steel and iron will require strong support from green and intelligent services. The MCC Group will continuously ‘focus on MCC’s main business’ and give full play to the powerful strength of the ‘national team of metallurgical construction’. Throughout the eight parts and nineteen business units of its traditional metallurgical flow path, MCC Group will always insist on the green concept, strive to make technical breakthroughs and promote innovative development and intelligent manufacturing. It will jointly promote the supply side organizational reform of the steel industry with the HBIS Group, and give full play to its strength in assisting the HBIS Group in ‘undertaking the national role and constructing the most competitive steel and iron enterprise’ on behalf of the national industry.

  Yu Yong welcomed Wang Shilei, expressed gratitude for the MCC Group’s contributions to the HBIS Group in the strategic transformation process and briefly introduced the HBIS Group’s reform, exploration and practice in resource integration, technological innovation, industrial internationalization and other aspects in recent years.

  Yu Yong spoke highly of the performance that the MCC Group has gained in market development, technical breakthroughs, management improvement, business model innovation, social reputation and other aspects in recent years. He hopes that MCC Group will comprehensively participate in the HBIS Group’s follow-up development, further focus on cooperation projects, strengthen communication and realize win-win results.

  The meeting was attended by HBIS Group Vice President, Deputy Party Committee Secretary and General Manager Peng Zhaofeng, Standing Party Committee Member and Vice General Manager Wang Xindong, MCC Group Chief Safety Inspector and Safety Quality and Environmental Protection Department Director Li Yulong, Engineering Construction Management Department Director Du Zhixin, Domestic Market Development Department Deputy Director Duan Meiliang and others.