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Guo Wenqing and His Delegation Inspects New China Minmetals’ Development and Construction Project in Tangshan and Meets Municipal Leaders
CopyFrom:MCC Date:11 August 2017
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  From August 9th to 10th, China Minmetals General Manager & Deputy Party Committee Secretary and MCC Group President & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing and his delegation inspected and investigated Tangshan. He met with Tangshan Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Ding Xiufeng who accompanied him on inspections of the Tangshan Caofeidian Industrial District and new China Minmetals’ Tangshan Development and Construction Projects.

  Guo Wenqing and his delegation first visited the Caofeidian Industrial District Real Estate Mansion Planning Exhibition Hall, listened to introductions to the development history, planning and design, garden layout and other conditions of Caofeidian, and expressed confidence in deep cooperation between China Minmetals, MCC Group and Caofeidian. After that, Guo Wenqing and his delegation made onsite field visits to China Minmetals’ related projects and the MCC Group’s New Energy Materials Project, listened to case reports on each project and gained an understanding of the projects’ planning and design, geological conditions, early stage reconnaissance and onsite reorganization & outfitting. At the construction site of the MCC Group’s New Energy Materials Project, Guo Wenqing shook hands with the project’s cadres and employees one by one, expressed his sincere solicitude towards them and encouraged them to carry forward the simple yet profound MCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’, safely and efficiently promote the project’s construction with high quality, and make contributions to guaranteeing that it will be completed and put into production as scheduled. During this period, Guo Wenqing and his delegation also went deep into the site of Phase III of the Caofeidian Ore Terminal Project to conduct an inspection, listened to introductions on the project’s planning and construction, learned about its ore storage, ore mixing and other conditions, and also visited the huge 300,000-ton ore ship.

  Guo Wenqing said that the new China Minmetals has strong investment and financing capacity and resource allocation capacity after the reorganization, and it has linked up the whole industry chain ranging from diggings acquisition, prospecting, design, construction, mining, mineral separation, smelting and logistics to trading. In particular, integration and complementary advantages have been realized in the field of mineral resources, and good development conditions have been created for the development of the new material business sector. He emphasized that the new China Minmetals shall constantly create a stronger, larger and more excellent platform, open up new development space and forge the advantages of a whole industry chain in the field of new energy materials. The MCC Group’s New Energy Materials Project and other projects provide important support for realizing these targets. It is necessary to strengthen communication with the Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Government, give full play to Caofeidian’s multiple advantages including its large-scale deep water port, land enrichment, convenient transportation conditions, concentrated steel and iron enterprises, convenient ore transportation and so on, and grasp the rare opportunities presented by the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, in order to scientifically study the site selection plans, reasonably plan the layout and optimize the allocation of resources. All related units shall take effective measures to accelerate the promotion of various works, jointly promote the implementation of projects in Tangshan and make contributions to the social and economic development of Tangshan City and the future development and construction of Caofeidian according to the established deployment.

  During his visit to Tangshan, Guo Wenqing met Tangshan Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Ding Xiufeng. Both parties conducted a deep exchange and reached a consensus on jointly promoting regional ore mixing and other development and construction in Caofeidian, boosting new materials & new energies and other related cooperative matters, as well as properly solving MCC’s historical problems in Tangshan.

  Guo Wenqing said that China Minmetals and the MCC Group have a good historical cooperation origin and basis with Tangshan, and MCC22 has put down roots in the city ranging from earthquake relief work to steel industry development and infrastructure construction. Both parties have established inseparable contact. At present, the new China Minmetals possesses a sound global trade system. There is a huge amount of ore to be imported and many and various enterprises, especially steel and iron enterprises. Both parties shall strengthen their cooperation, substantially establish industries and jointly promote related projects for implementation. In the future, the new China Minmetals is willing to keep a foothold in Tangshan, strengthen its cooperation with the Municipal Government, search for further cooperation space, focus on promoting the success of the MCC Group New Energy Materials Project in Caofeidian, strive to forge an RMB 100-billion-level new material industry sector and contribute to the economic and social development of Tangshan City and the future development and construction of Caofeidian. It is also hoped that the Tangshan Municipal Government will pay close attention to properly solving MCC Group’s historical problems in Tangshan, such as its highway, security housing and vocational education center projects.

  On behalf of Secretary Jiao Yanlong, Ding Xiufeng welcomed Guo Wenqing and his delegation; on behalf of the Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Government, Ding Xiufeng expressed gratitude for the contributions of China Minmetals and the MCC Group to the economic and social development of Tangshan, particularly the development and construction of Caofeidian District for many years. He then pointed out that since the implementation of the national Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region coordinated development strategy, Caofeidian with good location advantage changes greatly. Caofeidian District is currently enjoying favorable development momentum and good regional advantages. Since the expiration of the previous leading group’s term of office and the subsequent election of a new leading group, a new thriving vitality has been illuminating the city. In the earthquake relief operation of 1976, the MCC22 Group made huge contributions to the immediate rescue and relief work, and post-earthquake reconstruction, revival and development, and it will continuously give full play to an important role in the future development of Tangshan. He said that the Tangshan Municipal Government will jointly develop with China Minmetals and the MCC Group to attain mutual benefits, create cooperation conditions between both parties as always, serve and guarantee projects in Tangshan, and come up with a practical program for solving MCC Group’s historical problems. He hopes that China Minmetals and MCC Group will continuously look forward to further development prospects in Tangshan City, give full play to their resource superiorities as large-scale central enterprises, and positively participate in the development and construction of Caofeidian District and the economic and social development of Tangshan City.

  The meeting, visit and investigation were attended by the leaders of China Minmetals, the MCC Group and their related subsidiaries, including Dong Mingjun, Feng Guiquan, Zhang Zhaoxiang, Zhang Mengxing, Li Yuchao, Liu Fuming, Zhang Huiqing, Liu Yushan, Lu Zhifang, Geng Yansheng, Zong Shaoxing and Zhang Xu, as well as Tangshan City and Caofeidian District leaders Sun Guishi, Wang Jiuzong, Zhang Wenming, Bai Guangyong, Zhang Guibao, Yang Wenping, Yu Guangqiu and others.