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Qu Yang Attends MCC Huatian Sci-Tech Conference
CopyFrom:MCC Date:14 August 2017
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  On August 11th, MCC Huatian held its 2017 Sci-Tech Conference to periodically summarize the sci-tech work of 2016, analyze the current problems faced in its sci-tech work, deploy the future work and provide strong technological support for achieving the periodical goals of ‘Second startup and leapfrog development’. MCC Group and MCC Party Committee Member and MCC Vice President Qu Yang attended the conference and gave an important speech. MCC Huatian President and Party Committee Secretary Kang Chengye delivered a speech with three themed parts: technology, markets and talents.

  Qu Yang pointed out that in recent years, as the Group’s main force in research and design, MCC Huatian has concentrated on research, forged ahead with determination, accumulated knowledge, scientifically developed a series of new measures and policies to promote scientific and technological innovation and management reform, and established such core values as ‘development driven by innovation’. It has also formed its core competitiveness including ‘continuously improving the leading core technology capacity and system integration level in the industry’, and made remarkable achievements.

  Qu Yang emphasized that on July 25th, during the MCC Group’s 2017 Semiannual Experience Exchange Meeting, President Guo Wenqing emphasized that MCC Group is following the very clear strategic positioning of being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’, which is the main line through the Group’s whole ‘Fourth-Five’ development. All subsidiaries shall closely follow this line, complete practical work to demonstrate their abilities, advantages and high technology strength, take improved action in system innovation and upgrading, make the main metallurgical business better, stronger and more excellent, and achieve the national team of metallurgical construction’s goal of ‘being the best and restarting again’.

  Qu Yang then put forward several requirements for MCC Huatian’s sci-tech work. First, it is necessary to maintain the technological advantages of the ‘national team of metallurgical construction’. Huatian is in the ‘bar line’ material business of the first echelon of the ‘national team of metallurgical construction’, and shall achieve ‘being the best and restarting again’ of the first echelon business by rapidly grasping advanced technology, key technology and core technology, and promoting the perfect combination of process technology, equipment technology and engineering technology. Second, it is important to be a good benchmarking enterprise leading new emerging industries, try to make achievements in such fields as comprehensive water environment treatment, solid waste treatment and soil remediation, promote the organic combination of technology and capital with the technological support of the Health and Senior Care Industry Technology Institute, and build a practical international life and health cooperation platform with a real sense of ‘production, study, research, utilization and innovation’. Third, it is vital to firmly reinforce the road of high-tech construction, speed up the creation and optimization of the sci-tech innovation platform, and become a frontrunner in improving the enterprise’s sci-tech ability and strength, and enhancing its core competitiveness. Fourth, it is necessary to continuously perfect the construction of the sci-tech innovation system, place equal stress on process integration innovation, applied technology innovation and equipment production innovation, pay close attention to the market prospects of sci-tech innovation, dedicate limited resources to important research, concentrate on large undertakings, increase the investment of scientific research funds, focus on improving research base laboratory conditions to obtain high-quality research results, continuously improve the green ecological chain transformed by sci-tech achievements and give full play to the innovative coordination of all links, including research and development, marketing, engineering, operations and so on.

  In his speech, Kang Chengye pointed out that the continuous accumulation of technology decides whether a company can successfully transform and upgrade. It is vital for improving an enterprise’s core competitiveness and an important support for market exploration. The company shall insist on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term, focus on cultivating technology with core competitiveness, adjust itself to the needs of the market, strive to make breakthroughs in the key technology restricting business optimization and upgrading, and drive sci-tech work to a new level. It is necessary to consistently undertake high-end talent introduction work, continue to cultivate scientific research talents in development innovation and start a new engine to drive innovation at high speed. All the company’s employees must closely follow the Group’s strategic layout, positively implement the spirit of Vice President Qu Yang’s important speech, forge ahead with determination, challenge new heights with courage, continue to innovate and strive to build MCC Huatian into a ‘large, strong and new institute’ by the end of 2018.

  MCC Huatian General Manager and Deputy Party Committee Secretary Wang Jianguo presided over the conference. Vice General Manager Liu Dianyao made a sci-tech report entitled ‘Remarkable Results of Sci-Tech Work and Acceleration of Transformation and Upgrading’.

  During the conference, eight people delivered communication speeches concerning their own work; namely MCC Health and Senior Care Industry Technology Research Institute Dean and MCC Huatian Vice General Manager Li Huiying, MCC Water Environment Technology Research Institute Dean and MCC Huatian Vice General Manager Zhan Maohua, MCC Huatian Sci-Tech Development Department Minister Gui Feng, Chief Expert Wei Wei, Water Treatment Equipment Team Superintendent Zhang Xinhang[y1] , Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Research Institute Vice General Manager An Zhongyi, Large-span Space Structure Technology Development Team Superintendent Sun Yongjiu and BIM Technology Team Superintendent Yue Lei. Seven advanced sci-tech innovation teams were also praised during the conference for making contributions to the company’s transformation development and production level improvement in 2017.

  The meeting was attended by 280 people including MCC Group Sci-Tech Vice Minister Guo Wencai, MCC Huatian’s leaders, senior consultants, cadres above deputy level, first and second-class project managers, all types of technology experts and internal organization superintendents, and all employees of the Technology Research Institute and the Science Development Department. Employees from branch companies in Ningxia, MaAnshan, Baotou and other relevant areas watched and listened through audiovisual streaming.