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MCC Group & MCC Convenes First Semiannual Experience Exchange Meeting of 2017
CopyFrom: Date:27 July 2017
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  On July 25th, MCC Group & MCC convened its 2017 Semiannual Experience Exchange Meeting in Beijing. China Minmetals General Manager & Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC Group President & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing attended the meeting and made an important speech entitled ‘Highlighting the Reform Theme, Focusing on the Main Core Businesses and Sparing No Efforts to Forge the World’s Top “National Team” in Metallurgical Construction and Operation Services’. MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing made a report entitled ‘High-End Guidance to Advance Promotion, Real Practice and Solid Work to Seek Spanning, and Focusing on Development to Promote the Construction of a “Beautiful MCC” to Rise to a New Level’, and CRIBC and nine other enterprises held experience exchanges. The meeting was presided over by MCC Group Party Committee Deputy Secretary & General Manager and MCC Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang. It was attended by China Minmetals’ leading group members in Beijing, non-group senior managers and management department principals.

  Guo Wenqing emphasized that the core purpose of the Experience Exchange Meeting is to solve two problems. The first is the problem in which the MCC Group should focus on making its main core metallurgy business refined, excellent and powerful again in the face of the new development circumstances of the steel and iron metallurgy industry. The second is to solve the problem concerning the implementation of the subsidiary enterprise project control platform and realizing unified and high-efficiency project management.

  Guo Wenqing pointed that since this year, the new China Minmetals has shown a strong development trend under the guidance of the target of ‘walking for three steps, two doubling’. The ‘stable’ pattern is being reinforced, the ‘advancing’ situation is more remarkable, and the ‘10 billion’ target has been completed by nearly 80%. The growing rate of operating receipts and profits has been much higher than the average growth rate of central enterprises, gaining unprecedented new progress and favorable performance. China Minmetals ranks 120th in the ‘Fortune 500’, setting a new historical highest ranking record. MCC Group continues to maintain a rising trend with uniform acceleration, the economic structure continues to become more optimized and new kinetic energy is growing vigorously. The new China Minmetals has become the only state-owned capital investment company in China’s metal mining industry field, laying a solid foundation for the enterprise to become stronger, larger and more excellent in the metallic ore field in the next step. Practice has proven that our recombination was the correct strategic choice; we have raced to seize the first opportunity to establish China’s metal mining industry development platform, and the MCC Group will surely usher in greater potential for future development.

  Guo Wenqing pointed out that the MCC Group’s very clear strategic positioning is to be the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of hi-tech construction in the long term', which is the principal line for the MCC Group’s development during the ‘Fourth Five-year Plan’ period. All the subsidiaries should closely focus on this principal line and carry out their own responsibilities with capability, advantages and the manifestation of hi-tech strength. It is necessary to put time and energy into system reform, innovation and upgrading, and to become stronger and more excellent in the core main business of metallurgy. The national team of metallurgical construction should be developed and upgraded for subsequent pioneering work; capital construction shall make efforts to create features; emerging industries shall accelerate to take the lead in enlarging advantages; and the two wheels of industry and capital should be used to drive development. It is necessary to invest time and energy into management competiveness, and realize a control system which is concise, efficient and powerful. All MCC systems must pay close attention to internal management problems from top to bottom, make efforts to intensify the Group’s management and control, and realize a control system which is concise, efficient and powerful. It is necessary to put the key points of deepening reform onto the implemented secondary enterprise’s management implementation platform in order to recombine and reform the organizational structure with centralized, unified and efficient purposes. It is necessary to invest time and energy into market breakthroughs, and promote internal and external balanced development. It is necessary to focus on core domestic regions in order to deepen and take precise aim at ‘ the Belt and Road’ initiative, and create and enjoy the recombination bonus of an ‘internal RMB 100 billion market’. It is necessary to invest time and energy into comprehensively stimulating vitality and fighting capacity, and form an enthusiastic and striving big development atmosphere. It is necessary to stimulate people with lofty ideals and faith, cohere people to inspire strong love for the enterprise and encourage people with excellent cultivation and fine traditions. It is necessary to stimulate the vitality of talents with system and mechanism innovation, open up different growth channels for talents, intensify the cultivation and selection of excellent young cadres, improve competitive advantages of MCC’s talents, firmly establish the awareness of responsibility and development, improve leadership and responsibility, emphasize leading methods and the importance of shouldering one’s responsibilities, insist on being fair and upright, and having the courage to see things through, drive ‘full steam ahead’ by ‘taking the lead’. It is necessary to thoroughly comprehend the rich connotations of the sentence, ‘leadership is the first capability of an enterprise’s main leaders, and all other capabilities are dull without the first capability’; the leaders and cadres shall have the ‘shouldering spirit’ and ‘heroic complex’, which means being extremely smart and brave. In such a great age, a manager should keep the original intention in mind to comprehensively place high demands on the Party and energetically create a clear, bright and upright political environment.

  Guo Wenqing called upon all MCC people to enable the MCC Group to continuously move towards its strategic target of being the domestic metal mining industry group which is ‘First in China and first-class in the world’, continuously move towards the rosy prospects of ‘focusing on MCC’s main business and building a Beautiful MCC’, and become the central enterprise that learns and understands the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speeches first and most thoroughly, and the central enterprise with the most achievements enabling it to implement General Secretary Xi’s series of requirements.

  In his speech, Zhang Mengxing pointed out that in this year so far, in contrast with the work deployment at the beginning of the year, the MCC Group has conducted strategic guidance, remained down-to-earth, strengthened its leadership construction, put the supervision and handling of items into practice, and made breakthroughs in the key points. The operational indicators have been stable with good progress, while operation quality has been stable and favorable. Overall steady development is underway.

  Zhang Mengxing summarized the completion of the key work in the first half of the year in 7 aspects: first, we focused on high-end business to lead and promote market vitality. The leading role of the metallurgical market has been reinforced, high-end marketing has promoted business upgrading, emerging industries have been reinforced with leading advantages, interior coordination has promoted development and many breakthroughs have been achieved in overseas markets. Second, we paid close attention to refined project management to strengthen our endogenous power. The Group from top to bottom promoted intensifying project management to an unprecedented height, and decided to enhance the endogenous power of its development through promoting its project management level and profitability. Third, we paid close attention to implementing innovation to drive transformation and upgrading. It is necessary to perfect the market-oriented research and development system, optimize the technology research & development, conversion and application mechanism, and transform from a ‘sweat-style’ enterprise to a ‘smart-style’ enterprise. Fourth, we paid close attention to implementing special treatment and promoting simplification. Fifth, we paid close attention to taking many measures to reduce ‘Two Items of Capital’ and control risks. Sixth, we paid close attention to strengthening cost control and promoting comparative advantages. It is necessary to solidly establish the concept that ‘saving money is easier than earning money’. It is necessary to implement cost control for all personnel, all elements and the overall process. And seventh, we paid close attention to making our brand image stand out to expand our market influence. It is necessary to take ‘forging MCC Group’s leadership brand’ as the origin of our strength and greatly enrich and promote the connotations and image of the MCC brand.

  Zhang Mengxing emphasized that to suitably quicken development progress, it is necessary to further strengthen the ‘six consciousnesses’, namely ‘development first’ consciousness, ‘MCC’s leadership brand’ consciousness, ‘MCC teamwork’ consciousness, ‘light-asset and high-fluidity’ consciousness, ‘compliance and legality to prevent risks’ consciousness and ‘putting youths in important positions’ consciousness.

  The general requirements for the business work of the MCC Group in the latter half of the year include opening up external markets, improving internal management, rapidly boosting income, reducing ‘two items of capital’, preventing and controlling risks, effectively decreasing costs and promoting brands. First, it is necessary to enhance market vitality through the leadership of high-end marketing, and focus on hot regions to optimize the market layout, hot businesses to seize urbanization opportunities, contract quality to promote business upgrading, the integration of industry and finance to explore high-end emerging businesses, and ‘the Belt and Road’ initiative to greatly expand the overseas market. Second, it is vital to accelerate development through the key points of project management, and promote the standardization, responsibility, systematization and benefits of project management. Third, through the key points of risk prevention and control, it is necessary to consolidate the development foundation, resolutely reduce ‘two items of capital’, greatly promote special treatment, enhance the prevention and control of auditing and legal risks, and positively accelerate the resolution of the SINO Iron Mine Advance Fund. Fourth, it is important to improve quality and efficiency through the core of lean management, optimize the financing structure, strictly control costs, vigorously promote the construction of a sharing service center, boost electronic tendering for engineering subcontracting, implement systems according to local conditions in the real estate business and establish a classification system for ore resource projects. And fifth, it is necessary to strengthen competitive advantages through emphasis on brand operation and build an advantageous brand business, leading brand enterprise and MCC brand culture.

  During his summary speech, Zhang Zhaoxiang said that the meeting achieved sound results and reached the expected goals. President Guo’s speech was strategically situated, considered the overall situation and inspired people. Mengxing’s work report was pure and contained specific data and pragmatic measures. All subsidiary enterprises should study hard, gain a deeper understanding and report the enterprise’s study and implementation situation to the MCC Group’s general office before August 10th.

  Personnel from ten enterprises exchanged their experience and gave speeches at the meeting: CRIBC, MCC CERI, CISDI, MCC Huatian, MCC Real Estate, MCC2, MCC3, MCCCE, Inner Mongolia Construction Investment and Guizhou Construction Investment.

  The meeting was attended by the MCC Group and MCC’s outside directors, leaders, chief engineers, assistant general managers, general counsels, safety directors and vice-chief engineers, the main superintendents of subsidiary companies, regional branches and technology institutes, experts in state-owned enterprise reform, China Enterprise Research Institute Vice-President Li Jin and leaders (above deputy director level) of the MCC Group Headquarters.