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Guo Wenqing Meets With President of Formosa HA TINH Steel Corporation Chen Yuancheng
CopyFrom:MCC Date:21 August 2015
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They conduct an in-depth exploration and exchange on the construction, production and operation services of the existing steel project as well as follow-up projects, widening the range of their cooperation and so on,before finally reaching an agreement


On the morning of August 19th, MCC Chairman and PCC Party Secretary Guo Wenqing met with President of the Formosa HA TINH Steel Corporation Chen Yuancheng in Beijing, where they held an in-depth exploration and exchange on the construction, production and operation services of the existing steel project as well as follow-up projects, widening the range of their cooperation and so on, before finally reaching an agreement.
Chairman Guo Wenqing firstly welcomedPresident Chen Yuancheng et al. to MCCand briefly introducedthe basic information of the Group, pointing out that MCC has developed to become the largest metallurgical engineering constructor and steel service provider of enterprise operations in the world. It has formed exclusive core technologies, continuous innovation capacity and the irreplaceable integration advantages of the whole metallurgy industry chain in order to undertake the state responsibility of leading the Chinese metallurgy to a higher level of development. To further carry out the requirements of the central government and the State Council for the development of central enterprises, MCC has put forward the strategic target of becoming the largest, strongest and best'National Team'in metallurgy construction and operation services. It has alsoformulated top-layer plans and designs to ensure that its core technologies in respect of the eight parts and 19 units of steel metallurgy can reach the first-rate level in the world. At present, MCC is undertaking the main building tasks of two ten-million-ton steel plants - the Formosa HA TINH Steel Project and the Baosteel Project - fully displaying the Group's competitiveness in the international field of metallurgical construction, as well as the sufficient trust that the Formosa Group has placed in MCC.
Guo Wenqing stressed that MCC has strong technical and talents advantages; it hasdone a lot of work and achieved good performance, particularly in respect of training professional industrial technology talents. On August 16th, MCC19 employee Zeng Zhengchao bravely won China's first gold medal in the welding event of the 43rdWorld Skills Competition that recently closed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, thereby earning glory for the whole country and representing MCC's welding technology reaching the international first-class level. Up to now, a dozen people in MCC19 have won the first prize in both the world class and the national class. Next, MCC will continue to give full play to its technologies and talents advantages in professional areas to become a high-end labor service export company serving various enterprises.
As Guo Wenqing continued, the MCC motto,'The people of MCC shall cast the world by heart', means diligence, elaboration and sincerity in everything, by way of willful design and meticulous construction, to display a truly high level. With goodfaith, honor, credibility and pragmatism creating the brand, MCC will continue its growth and development. Now, both MCC and Formosa Group have a good cooperation foundation as well as a deep bond. Since the night of the violent and serious riots in Vietnam on May 14th last year, the two parties have been actively communicating and closely cooperating, which reflects their responsible international first-class images as well as the solid brotherly affection they have for each other as compatriots. MCC shall centralize its best teams and strongest advantages to fully supportthe development of the Formosa Group, strive to complete the Formosa HA TINH Steel Project as estimated and continue to optimize its design and construction in order to make it an international first-class steel enterprise as well as a benchmark of the world steel industry. At the same time, the MCC subsidiaries MCC Baosteel and MCC19 will continuously give full play to their core technologies and mature labor service export advantages in the steel operation service area so as to provide a full-size high-quality production operation and overhaul cooperation service for the project. It is hoped that the two parties will further strengthen their communication and exchange based on the present cooperation projects, and carry out deep cooperation in future projects, thus achieving win-win results and mutual development.
Chen Yuancheng expressed his thanks for Chairman Guo Wenqing's warm reception, voiced his respect for MCC'sability to centralize its strengths in order to speed up project progress and praisedthe MCC,'The people of MCC shall cast the world by heart'. He then briefly introduced the current basic situation of the Vietnam HA TINH Steel Project, pointing out that the cooperation of this project between MCC and the Formosa Group belongs to a model for Taiwan and the Chinese mainland to cooperate in a third place, which means a lot. He hopes that MCC will centralize its work force, machines, tools and other resources, insist on putting safety first,further speed up progress, strive for the plant to be put into operation in March of next year if possible and make it an exemplary project of steel construction and operation in Southeast Asian or even the world at large. The Formosa Group will take this cooperation as a starting point, establish a closer relationship with MCC and its subsidiaries including CISDI, further expand their cooperative areas and spaces, and carry out deeper connections and cooperation in follow-up projects, thereby creating first-class global enterprises together.
The meeting was attended by Senior Vice President of Formosa HA TINH Steel Corporation Zhang Funing,Director of the Formosa Beijing Office Huang Jiaqi, MCC General Manager and President Zhang Zhaoxiang, MCC Vice President Zhang Mengxing, MCC Vice President and Board Secretary Xiao Xuewen, MCC19 Chairman Tian Ye,Shanghai Baoye Chairman Wang Shilei, MCC Baosteel Chairman Zhou Qing, CISDI General Manger Yu Zhaohui and Director of the MCC Overseas Engineering Management Department Xu Yongjie et al.

Chairman Guo Wenqing talks with President of Formosa HA TINH Steel Corporation Chen Yuancheng

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Guo Wenqing and Chen Yuancheng

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