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Chen Jianguang Investigates Work on "Growth Stabilizing, Anti-epidemic and Safety Maintaining" at WSGRI
CopyFrom: Date:08 July 2022
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  On the afternoon of July 7, Chen Jianguang, Deputy General Manager and member of the Party Leadership Group of China Minmetals, Secretary of the Party Committee of MCC and Chairman of MCC and China MCC, visited Wuhan Surveying Geotechnical Research Institute Co., Ltd. (WSGRI) for investigation and guidance. He convened a leadership symposium, listened to the work report on production and operation, recognized the achievements made by WSGRI in recent years and put forward specific requirements for WSGRI's works in the next stage.

  First, we should focus on building a science and technology-based engineering company under the guidance of the company's strategic plans during the 14th Five-Year Plan. We should thoroughly implement the company's strategic plans during the 14th Five-Year Plan, find the right orientation, seize the key and make targeted efforts. And it's necessary to effectively improve the strategic execution, formulate rolling planning for sub-strategies implementation, decompose tasks level by level so as to divide the responsibilities to individuals and strive to support the efficient promotion of strategic planning.

  Second, we should take system construction as the starting point to systematically improve our strength in engineering procurement construction (EPC). We should improve the management system, optimize the organizational structure, strengthen the system construction, and focus on improving management efficiency. Besides, we should continue to keep in alignment with industry benchmarking enterprises, actively explore EPC models, and systematically improve our strength in EPC from various aspects such as qualification, resources, team, business operation and project management.

  Third, we should take "one post, two duties" as the approach to strengthen Party building leading the corporate high-quality development. We should fully implement the requirements of the CPC's leadership in SOEs and the reform to establish a modern enterprise system within SOEs and further promote the in-depth integration of Party building and production and operation. Then, we should enhance the practice of "one post, two duties", promote the in-depth development of strengthening party self-discipline, and consolidate the strong joint force of reform and development with a clean and upright political ecosystem to lay a solid foundation of discipline for corporate development.

  Fourth, we should focus on the resumption of work and production to fully complete all tasks of the year. We should make overall arrangements for the work plan for the second half of the year, and do a good job of resuming work with a stronger sense of urgency. In addition, we should seize market opportunities, boost morale, and strive to exert pressure on ourselves to ensure the full completion of all production and operation indicators for the year.

  Fifth, we should take intrinsic safety as the goal to comprehensively promote work safety. It is necessary to establish and improve responsibility system for work safety of "the CPC and the Government assume the same responsibilities, double responsibilities for one duty, concerted efforts to fulfill responsibilities, and responsibility shall be claimed in case of dereliction of duty", strictly implement the inspection system of leaders leading a party on the construction site, and take the lead in clarifying the work safety responsibility. Besides, we should fully equip and strengthen project safety officers, formulate a work safety post allowance system, and build a high-quality safety security team.

  During the investigation, Chen Jianguang also led a team to inspect the construction status of WSGRI's underground project of Chow Tai Fook Financial Center in Wuhan, and put forward four requirements for the follow-up work of the project: First, we should attach great importance to work safety. We should not only focus on the safety of the surrounding areas of the project, but also on the safety of the construction site to pay close attention to work safety. Second, we should pay attention to technical quality management. The construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the plan to ensure that the construction is carried out according to the drawings to avoid quality problems. Third, to improve project performance. We shall strengthen the integration of resources within the company, create conditions for the construction of high-rise landmarks above the ground while making good use of underground space, and achieve "market recycling via construction sites". Fourth, we shall strengthen the Party building as a leading role. The Party Branch of the project should enhance its care for employees and earnestly do a good job in logistics support such as "Coolness in Summer".

  Zang Zhonghai, Hu Chunqing, and other leaders of WSGRI, as well as Wang Zhen, Wang Hailong and Zuo Zhiquan, heads of relevant functional departments of MCC headquarters, participated in the above event.

Chen Jianguang delivers a speech

Scene of the leadership symposium

Chen Jianguang visits the exhibition hall of WSGRI

Group photo of Chen Jianguang and leaders from WSGRI