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Chen Jianguang Visits Zhang Yuefeng, Secretary of the CPC Ma'anshan Municipal Committee
CopyFrom: Date:02 July 2022
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  On July 1, Chen Jianguang, Deputy General Manager and Member of the Party Leadership Group of China Minmetals, Secretary of the Party Committee of MCC and Chairman of MCC, visited Zhang Yuefeng, Secretary of the CPC Ma'anshan Municipal Committee. The two sides had in-depth discussions on deepening central-local cooperation and promoting win-win development.

  Chen Jianguang extended his gratitude to the CPC Ma'anshan Municipal Committee and the People's Government of Ma'anshan Municipality for their long-term care and support to MCC and briefed on MCC's development. He pointed out that MCC is the world's largest and strongest metallurgical construction contractor and operation service provider. In recent years, it has successfully realized transformation and upgrading based on the advantages of professional technology accumulated in the field of ferrous metallurgy, and achieved excellent results in municipal infrastructure, rail transit, high-end housing construction and other fields. Since the beginning of this year, MCC has earnestly implemented the requirements of the CPC Central Committee on "preventing the COVID-19 pandemic, stabilizing the economy and ensuring security for development" and united as one to face up to difficulties, with more than half of the tasks accomplished in the first half of the year.  He said that Ma'anshan enjoys superior location, complete industrial supporting facilities, strong innovation ability and excellent business environment, and its economic growth rate ranks among the top in China. It is hoped that on the basis of consolidating the original cooperation, the two sides will continue to expand cooperation fields, enrich cooperation contents and upgrade cooperation levels to achieve complementary advantages and common development. Relying on its own competitive advantages in the whole industrial chain and its full financial license, MCC will participate in and serve the local social and economic development in an all-round way, making new and greater contributions to the industrial transformation and upgrading of Ma'anshan.

  Zhang Yuefeng welcomed Chen Jianguang and his delegation and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Ma'anshan. He pointed out that thanks to the steel, Ma'anshan was established and prospered. The metallurgical and construction organizations from all over the country, including MCC subsidiaries, have gathered in Ma'anshan for the steel construction of the People's Republic of China and built a modern city with industry as the major driver for its growth. At present, with the goal of "keeping pace with the high-quality development of Hangzhou, Jiaxing, and Huzhou and being part of the Yangtze river delta's integrated development", Ma'anshan focuses on the "Three-year Multiplication Action of Manufacturing Industry", and strives to be the "pursuer of high-quality industrial development, the integrated development of the Yangtze river delta, and green development and pioneer in exploring the path to common prosperity and exercising full and rigorous governance over the party". In addition, it works to build a modern "city well-known for ecological beauty and intelligent manufacturing". He said that the high-quality development of Ma'anshan cannot be achieved without the strong support of MCC and the active contributions of MCC's subsidiaries. It is hoped that the two sides will deepen strategic cooperation, share development opportunities, jointly open a new chapter of central-local cooperation, and create a new situation of mutual benefit and win-win results based on the new development stage. Ma'anshan will fully support MCC's development in the local area, provide more high-quality and efficient services, and create an easy and convenient development environment.

  Yuan Fang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Ma'anshan Municipal Committee and Mayor of Ma'anshan, Fang Wen, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Ma'anshan Municipal Committee and Secretary-General of the CPC Ma'anshan Municipal Committee, Zuo Nianwen, Deputy Mayor of the People's Government of Ma'anshan City, Wang Qiang, Secretary-General of the People's Government of Ma'anshan City, Liu Yu, Li Weifeng, Hao Jialin, Tian Yannan, Cheng Liangjie, and other comrades from the Office of the CPC Ma'anshan Municipal Committee, the Office of the People's Government of Ma'anshan City, Ma'anshan Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, Ma'anshan Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, and Ma'anshan Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning; Yu Shigong, Liu Anyi, Fang Ronghua, Wang Zhen and Wang Hailong, heads of relevant functional departments and subsidiaries of MCC headquarters, also attended the meeting.

Chen Jianguang and Zhang Yuefeng are having a talk

Scene of the meeting