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Zhang Mengxing Leads a Party to Inspect MCC20 Hengqin Headquarters Building (Phase II)
CopyFrom: Date:29 March 2022
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  On March 27, Zhang Mengxing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of MCC and Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China MCC, led a party to inspect the MCC20 Hengqin Headquarters Building project. Zhang Mengxing inspected the safety production, COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, and construction progress of the project on the site, held an on-site symposium, listened to special reports, affirmed the project management and other related work of MCC20 Hengqin Headquarters Building, and put forward specific requirements for the next step.

  First, we must adhere to the people-first philosophy and uphold the concept of safe development. It is necessary to fully understand the importance of production safety, strictly perform the responsibility for safety production, strengthen the work style of safety production, increase investment in the safety organization structure system, safety allocation and other resources, and lay a solid foundation for the safe development of the enterprise. We must do three things well: First, resolutely practice a “one post, two duties” system for safety production and jointly shape a safe environment; second, make full use of information technology, digitalization and other cutting-edge means to carry out project management and improve the level of fine management; third, strengthen risk control and potential risks identification, and intensify the accountability system for production accidents.

  Second, we must reinforce quality assurance and vigorously improve the quality of the project. It is necessary to formulate a strict construction plan and a quality management plan, and form a strong joint force of engineering and technical personnel, quality management personnel, the constructor, the supervisor and other parties, to ensure that the acceptance of each working procedure of the project in strict accordance with the relevant standards and procedures; work out a reasonable construction schedule on the premise of ensuring the project quality, and strictly implement the project quality lifetime accountability system according to the relevant documents of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the National Development and Reform Commission; properly manage the subcontractors of the project and implement responsibility; and timely pay migrant workers’ wages.

  Third, we must grasp basic management and lay a solid foundation of project control. It is necessary to strengthen the learning of project management personnel, communicate with excellent enterprises and benchmarking projects, make up for our own deficiencies, and constantly improve our basic management ability. We should grasp management innovation, cultural innovation and technological innovation, take the Hengqin project as the main battlefield of development, strive for awards, and constantly enhance the brand influence of the enterprise in the Zhuhai market.

  Finally, Zhang Mengxing stressed that all units should cooperate with local governments in COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, strictly implement the subject responsibility, and firmly defend the bottom line of pandemic prevention and control in accordance with regulations in a strict, careful and solid way.

  Zeng Jianzhong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of MCC and China MCC and Vice President of China MCC; Wang Zirui, Chief Safety Director and Director of Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department of MCC; leaders of Guangdong MCC20 and people in charge of Hengqin Headquarters Building (Phase II) attended the meeting.

Scene of the conference

Zhang Mengxing inspects the project site

Zhang Mengxing visits the cultural corridor of the project