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Chen Jianguang Investigates the Resumption of Work and Production of Shanghai Baoye Beijing Branch
CopyFrom: Date:25 March 2022
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  On March 24, Chen Jianguang, Deputy General Manager and Member of the Party Leadership Group of China Minmetals, Chairman of MCC and China MCC, and Secretary of the CPC Committee of MCC, investigated the resumption of work and production of Shanghai Baoye Beijing Branch, and led a party to inspect the Beijing regional project of Shanghai Baoye. Chen Jianguang inspected the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, work and production resumption, and production safety on the project site, held an on-site research symposium, listened to special work reports, fully affirmed the production safety and COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control of Shanghai Baoye Beijing Branch, and put forward three specific requirements for the next work.

  The first requirement is to stick to "one target". In accordance with the business indicators set at the beginning of the year and on the premise of ensuring production safety and pandemic prevention and control, we should focus on the annual work target, clarifying tasks, carrying out scientific planning, implementing as early as possible, and improving the construction period, progress and output value, to ensure the realization of the annual target.

  The second requirement is to keep “two balances”. First, a balance should be kept between COVID-19 pandemic prevention & control and production & operation. We must elevate our political stance, attach great importance to the pandemic prevention and control work of the project; strictly follow the pandemic prevention and control work requirements of the local government, China Minmetals and MCC, and resolutely consolidate the bottom line of pandemic prevention and control in a strict, careful and solid manner; reinforce pandemic prevention and control emergency drills, master the emergency response process and methods, and construct an efficient and orderly pandemic prevention and control system. Second, a balance should be kept between production safety and steady growth. We must give top priority to production safety, implement the leader/cadre-led inspection system, do all work carefully, take problems seriously, and implement effective solutions; take production safety as the basis of marketing, production and operation, and establish the concept of "achieving market recycling via construction sites", to truly “construct a project, set up a monument, make some friends and expand a market”.

  The third requirement is to grasp “three key links”. First, we must guarantee labor resources and materials. It is necessary to properly organize and manage the manpower in advance, deepen communication and cooperation with the labor team, and actively respond to the labor shortage under the influence of the pandemic; ensure sufficient reserves of key engineering materials by assigning the responsibility to each person and each post. Second, we must strengthen business management and cost control. It is necessary to attach great importance to business management, establish the concept of "seeking benefits from business management", do a good job of cost accounting, equipment procurement and on-site management, and closely coordinate business management with production and technology to truly reduce cost and increase efficiency; reinforce project subcontracting management, carefully execute subcontracts, and clarify the responsibilities and rights of the general contractor and the subcontractors. Third, we must unblock capital flow. It is necessary to refine fund plans in a targeted way, intensify fund control, and comprehensively strengthen the control and execution of funding budgets, to unblock the capital flow.

  Qu Yang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of MCC and China MCC and Vice President of China MCC; heads of relevant functional departments of MCC headquarters including Wang Zirui, Fei Lidong and Zuo Zhiquan; and related comrades from Shanghai Baoye like He Ran accompanied the inspection and investigation party.


  Chen Jianguang delivers a speech


  A panorama of the venue