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Chen Jianguang Investigates Work on "Growth Stabilizing, Anti-epidemic and Safety Maintaining" at 2MCC
CopyFrom: Date:26 April 2022
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  From April 24 to 25, Chen Jianguang, Deputy General Manager and Member of the Party Leadership Group of China Minmetals, Secretary of the CPC Committee of MCC, and Chairman of MCC and China MCC, investigated and directed work at 2MCC. He convened a leadership symposium, listened to the work report on the topic of "Growth Stabilizing, Anti-epidemic and Safety Maintaining", and put forward specific requirements for 2MCC's works in the next stage. During his visit, Chen Jianguang inspected Earth-Panda project of 2MCC, held a symposium with the young officials of 2MCC, listened to their growth and work experience, and discussed with them the future development of 2MCC.

  At the leadership symposium, Chen Jianguang fully recognized the achievements achieved by 2MCC on reform and development in recent years, and put forward seven requirements on "consolidating the foundation and solid achievements, and moving on in alignment with advanced experience". First, goals should be further clarified. In accordance with the "14th Five-Year Plan", 2MCC should clarify the targets and quantify the task indicators, and take them as an important basis for rational allocation of resources; the leading officials should stand out to bear the heavy burden, exert pressure on themselves, and lead all employees to gather strength and move forward with a high sense of responsibility, urgency and mission. Second, marketing should be further intensified. Top-level design should be reinforced and the market layout be optimized, while focusing on national hotspot areas and key cities to further explore the local market and drive the surrounding market; business structure should be optimized to continuously advance into various fields such as high-end housing construction, municipal infrastructure and new industrial construction; marketing quality should be improved, marketing risks be strictly controlled and contract terms be carefully reviewed to hold the basic bottom line. Third, basic management should be further consolidated. System construction should be strengthened while giving full play of all sub-systems to ensure the sound and steady development of 2MCC; duties and responsibilities should be assigned clearly and pressure be felt at every level to see every task being fully implemented; incentive and restraint mechanisms should be intensified to stimulate the working and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of employees. Fourth, project profitability should be further enhanced. A precise and scientific standard contract template should be introduced to advance project management by contracts; a project management manual with 2MCC features should be compiled to clearly define the bottom line and work points; project management should be standardized on a large scale to reduce the dispersion of management; the building of project team should be strengthened by changing the way of employment on key positions, intensifying on-the-job training and improving the professional quality of basic management personnel. Fifth, the construction of leadership should be further strengthened. Leadership building should be in accordance with general Secretary Xi Jinping's requirements that leaders of state-owned enterprises should be loyal to the Party, courageous in innovation, good at managing the enterprise, successful in revitalizing the enterprise, and honest and upright in nature; efforts are needed to adjust the personnel structure in the light of the enterprise strategic layout, allocate professionals according to business characteristics, optimize the compensation mechanism linked to performance assessment, and foster a transparent, fair and just environment for selection and appointment of officials. Sixth, a system of responsibility for Party building should be further implemented. Insisting on the major political principle of the CPC's leadership in SOEs and the reform to establish a modern enterprise system within SOEs, 2MCC should give full play to the core role of the Party to identify the orientation of Party building; adhering to the "Four Synchronizations" system, it should eliminate the "double-skin phenomena" between Party building and production and operation; it should also make efforts to strengthen the construction of the party branch of the project, innovate the working method of Party building at the grass-roots level, train the inter-disciplinary talents of the Party and government, and clarify the purpose of Party building. Seventh, epidemic prevention and control for work safety should be further strengthened. The responsibility system for work safety should be strengthened and improved through the strict implementation of the system itself and rigid accountability for work safety; epidemic prevention and control should always be fully implemented with all related works being carefully and strictly completed.

  At the symposium of young officials, Chen Jianguang had an in-depth exchange with these young officials of 2MCC on the future reform and development of the enterprise and put forward three specific requirements for them. First, strengthen self-confidence with unswerving determination. The young officials should firmly believe that the booming trend of the national macro economy and construction industry will still remain the same, as well as the promising trend in reform and development, and transformation and upgrading of MCC. They should do their job with firm self-confidence, and drive the enterprise move forward to improve steadily while realizing their own value; they should maintain their determination, avoid being aggressive blindly and wavering, and ensure that they make good judgment in strategic decision-making. Second, stay enterprising and vibrant. The young officials should strengthen their study of political theory, enrich their professional knowledge and concentrate on their work while guarding against arrogance and rashness; they should sharpen leadership skills, especially "the ability to analyze and judge situations, develop and implement strategies, and motivate and discipline their teams"; they should strengthen their efforts to get through the last mile of task implementation, enhance the sense of innovation while stimulating the vitality of management, and promote the steady and long-term development of the enterprise. Third, strengthen the sense of responsibility and enhance ability. The young officials should stick to their posts to make due contributions, demonstrate the courage to take on responsibility and the ability to fulfill duties, and be responsible for the enterprise, employees and themselves; they should implement the sense of responsibility in specific tasks such as inspection and enterprise management, and be capable of turning work pressure into motivation for progress; they should improve their job performing ability, cultivate strong executive power to supervise and urge the implementation, and actively work hard to accomplish tasks assigned by the Party.

  During his visit, Chen Jianguang inspected the work of the 2MCC Earth-Panda project, listened to the report on project overview, project management, work safety, epidemic prevention and control and Party building, and stressed that the epidemic prevention and control should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the local government, and all measures for work safety should be strictly implemented to ensure the safety of construction sites and the smooth implementation of projects.

  Xu Yongfeng, Gao Wenhua, Bai Feng and other leaders of 2MCC, as well as Wang Zhen and Wang Hailong, heads of relevant functional departments of MCC headquarters, participated in the investigation.


  Chen Jianguang delivers a speech


  Scene of the leadership symposium


  Scene of the symposium of young officials