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Chen Jianguang Inspecting the Shanty Town Renovation Project of MCC22 in the Urban Village of Lubei District of Tangshan City and Relocation Project of Party School of Tangshan Municipal Committee
CopyFrom: Date:15 March 2022
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  On March 10, Chen Jianguang, Deputy General Manager and member of the Leading Party Members' Group of China Minmetals, Chairman of MCC and China MCC, and Secretary of the CPC Committee of MCC, inspected the shanty town renovation project of MCC22 in the urban village (Liguantun ) of Lubei District of Tangshan City and relocation project of Party School of Tangshan Municipal Committee. He listened to the special report on the project construction, inspected the project construction progress, safety production, engineering quality, and epidemic prevention and control, affirmed the relevant preparations made for the resumption of the project and the pre-project construction, and put forward specific requirements for the next work.

  In the urban village (Liguantun), Lubei District, Tangshan City, the site of shanty town renovation project, Chen Jianguang put forward five specific requirements based on work safety and epidemic prevention and control. First, we must raise the political stance and attach great importance to the work related to safe production. To adhere to the concept of "putting people and their lives first", implement the work related to safe production in detail, and pay persistent attention to ensure the safe and stable operation of the project. Second, we should strengthen education and training to improve the awareness of safe production. To strengthen safety education and training for construction workers through pre-entry education and pre-working meetings to constantly consolidate the foundation for safe production and firmly hold the bottom line of safe production. Third, we should strengthen the primary responsibility and strictly implement the system of leaders on duty for taking charge of the shifts. The main leaders should take the lead to strengthen safety management, "solve problems on the spot and at the moment", handle hidden troubles at their early stage, and eliminate the hidden danger of accidents in time. Fourth, we should strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure normalized epidemic prevention and control. Always pay attention to epidemic prevention and control and overcome carelessness, relaxation, and fluke mind to carry out supervision and inspection and build a strong sanitation defense line for epidemic prevention and control with a detailed and strict work style. Fifth, we should focus on talent cultivation and build a young and professional leadership team. To strengthen talent cultivation and pay attention to the cultivation of young employees' innovative spirit and practical ability. Young employees are encouraged to obtain corresponding professional qualification certificates and improve their ability and accumulate experience in practical work.

  At the site of the relocation project of Party School of Tangshan Municipal Committee, Chen Jianguang put forward four specific requirements on basis of "project management and market development." First, we should strengthen the safety management of the construction site. To strengthen the safe and civilized construction, standardize and unify visual signage, and fully display a strong brand image of the enterprise. Second, we should advance the development of the technology of prefabricated concrete structures. To strengthen the services of transformation, promotion, and application of technological achievements to provide technological support for the construction industry and its development. Third, we should strengthen the ability to control project costs. To raise the awareness of cost control, optimize the cost control program, benefit from refined management, and achieve the expected goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Fourth, we should strengthen the cooperation with high-quality and major customers. To seek cooperation with industry-leading companies in the field of finishing and accelerate the construction of projects with high quality and standards.

  Zhu Guangxia, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of MCC and China MCC and vice president of China MCC, together with Yuan Silang, Wang Hailong, Wang Wei, and Fei Lidong, who are heads of relevant functional departments of CMC's subsidiary enterprises and headquarters accompanied the visit.

Chen Jianguang Inspecting the Shanty Town Renovation Project of MCC22 in the Urban Village (Liguantun) of Lubei District of Tangshan City

Chen Jianguang Inspecting the Relocation Project of Party School of Tangshan Municipal Committee