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MCC Makes a New Breakthrough in "SOE Good News Award" by SASAC
CopyFrom: Date:06 March 2019
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  The Awarding Ceremony of the fifth "SOE Good News Award" guided by SASAC Publicity Bureau and sponsored by SASAC News Center and the Central Enterprise Media Alliance was held in Beijing on February 28. After winning the outstanding achievements in the third and fourth session, MCC has made a new breakthrough and won the "Outstanding Organization Award" in the selection. It was also awarded in the selection of the new international communication program. ACRE won the third prize with ACRE: Transforming the Prospects of the Coking Industry in the international communication program; China MCC5 Group Corp. Ltd. won the Excellence Award with "Building the Most Beautiful "Sky Eye" Post Station – Construction of FAST Supporting Project of China MCC5 Group".

  Nearly one hundred experts and scholars elected 63 outstanding works from 2119 works as the judge, including 4 works with the first prize, 12 works with the second prize, 20 works with the third prize, 6 works with special prize, 21 works with the excellence award. All of the works have displayed the major achievements in the reform and Party building of SOEs from July 2017 to July 2018. In addition, 12 organization awards were launched.

  The promotional activity of "SOE Good News Award" has been held for five sessions since 2014 and has received over 8,600 excellent works. Reporting achievements of reform and development of SOEs have won the positive participation of governments and enterprises, the high attention of media and the wide recognition of all sectors of society. This year's judging panel includes news authorities, experts and scholars of well-known school of journalism, and representatives of central mainstream media and emerging media platform,ensuring the specialty, authority and equity of the selection.

  In recent years, the Party Committee Promotion Department of MCC has strengthened the organization and planning of major themes to promote the brand influence of MCC. In promotion work, it will adhere to making positive comments, firmly seize the opportunities at multiple levels, and proactively follow the leading paces in the state-owned assets system to expand the brand influence by planning profound activities of major themes. MCC has won many awards including the "SOE Good News Award" for three consecutive years, obtained the top award in the selection of "First-line Story" of SASAC, and become the unit with the most awards in this activity. It means that we have achieved a major breakthrough in the promotion philosophy. It marks that the promotion and planning abilities of MCC has gone into the forefront of the central enterprises, fully demonstrating that MCC constantly provides ideological guarantee, spiritual strength, moral nourishing and cultural conditions for objects of "Become Stronger, Bigger and Better" of MCC brand by utilizing louder main melody and stronger positive energy, which constantly inspires and motivates all MCC people to advance bravely in the new era, start a new journey, and create a new glory.