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MCC Group Wins Many ‘Good State-owned Enterprise News’ Prizes from SASAC
CopyFrom: Date:06 February 2018
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  On February 6th, at the first meeting of the Central Enterprise Media Alliance’s Second Council, the excellent ‘Good State-owned Enterprise News’ works were highlighted and the major achievements of state-owned enterprises in deepening reform, scientific and technological innovation, targeted poverty alleviation, ‘Belt and Road’ construction and other aspects from 2016 to 2017 were centrally presented. With the MCC Group’s positive organization and recommendations, Yu Bo from the MCC Group’s Party Group Work Department Publicity Office was selected among the ‘Ten News Creators’ in the SASAC system; A Large Cross-border Investigation of Wuhan’s Design on ‘Belt and Road’ written by Wuhan CFMCC employee Qi Zheng won the Second Prize for ‘Text Series Reports’ of the fourth ‘Good SASAC News’; and ‘Time Tunnel’ Constructor written by CFMCC employee Chen Ming won the ‘Online Popularity Award’ of the fourth ‘Good SASAC News’. These awards represent a major breakthrough in the thought and cultural popularity field of the SASAC system, marking that the MCC Group’s popularity and planning ability rank top among the central enterprises.

  This year’s ‘Good State-owned Enterprise News’ recommendation activity was guided by the SASAC Publicity Bureau, sponsored by the SASAC News Center and Central Enterprise Media Alliance, and comprised of four awards categories: text, news photography, radio and television, and microblogging and WeChat marketing. The collection of works began in August 2017. After the first trial, reassessment, final assessment, network voting and other rounds, 115 excellent works stood out. Four won the Special Prize, 8 won the First Prize, 24 won the Second Prize, 72 won the Third Prize and 7 won the Best Network Popularity Prize. In addition, ten news creators were selected from among over 100 people recommended by about 100 units. Compared with previous sessions, this year’s ‘Good State-owned Enterprise News’ had a strong judging team covering such colleges and universities as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University and the Communication University of China, and such central media as People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, ensuring the professionalism and authority of the assessment. With four years of development, the ‘Good State-owned Enterprise News’ recommendation activity has become the brand activity of state-owned enterprises in popularity work, obtaining the positive participation of every news media network and state-owned enterprise. The assessment process follows the principles of being ‘fair and open’ and is strictly implemented according to assessment procedures to ensure fair assessment results.