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MCC Group and MCC Convene 2018 Work Meeting in Beijing
CopyFrom: Date:06 February 2018
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  MCC Group and MCC Convene 2018 Work Meeting in Beijing

  Taking big strides to set out again in the new era

  MCC Group and MCC Convene 2018 Work Meeting in Beijing

  Guo Wenqing makes an important speech entitled Problems Concerning Quickening the Cultivation of a World-Leading ‘National Team’ in Metallurgical Construction and Operation Services

  Zhang Zhaoxiang makes a summary speech

  Zhang Mengxing makes a work report

  On February 2nd, the MCC Group and MCC 2018 Work Meeting was convened in Beijing. China Minmetals General Manager & Party Organization Deputy Secretary and MCC Group President & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing attended the meeting and made an important speech entitled Problems Concerning Quickening the Cultivation of a World-Leading ‘National Team’ in Metallurgical Construction and Operation Services; China Minmetals Deputy General Manager, MCC Group General Manager and MCC Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang made a summary speech; and MCC President Zhang Mengxing made a work report.

  In President Guo Wenqing’s important speech Problems Concerning Quickening the Cultivation of a World-Leading ‘National Team’ in Metallurgical Construction and Operation Services, he took a broad view of the historical evolution of the past, present and future, deeply analyzed MCC’s important positions, functions and historical missions in metallurgical construction from the ‘big logic’ perspective of ‘looking back to the past, judging the present situation and clarifying the way forward’, incisively expounded upon the objectives, tasks and fundamental requirements of the national team of metallurgical construction in the new era, and scientifically answered the MCC Group’s problem of how to understand and how to act in the new era with strong strategic, ideological and practical relevance. He said that in 2017, the new China Minmetals substantially exceeded all expectations, realized the first step in the objective of ‘walking for three steps, two doubling’, created the best performance in history and drove along an expressway of uniform and accelerated development; the MCC Group comprehensively exceeded all its budget targets for the year, set new records in business performance and maintained steady upward development momentum. In this new historical position and promising period of historical opportunities for China’s development, it is necessary to always maintain the strategic initiative, aim precisely at the target, accelerate the cultivation of the world-leading ‘national team’ in metallurgical construction and operation services, display new actions, forge new strength and continuously make great strides on the road to becoming prosperous and secure characterized by ‘Focusing on the Core Main Business and Building a Beautiful MCC’. It is necessary to always stand at the high end of the international level and the commanding height of the development of the whole metallurgical industry, concentrate on the top 8 parts of metallurgy and top 19 business units, and always adhere to being the best in the industry through the iterative upgrading of core technologies; it is necessary to be the best again and always remain irreplaceable through MCC’s whole industry chain integration advantages; it is necessary to restart business again and realize the internal expansion and external development of the market with continuous innovation ability; it is necessary to stimulate the vitality of talents through system and mechanism innovation, quicken the cultivation of the world-leading ‘national team’ in metallurgical construction and operation services, take on the national responsibility of leading China's metallurgy to a higher level and going global, and become a leader in the development of the world's steel and iron industry through 5 to 10 years of efforts.

  In his speech, Guo Wenqing reviewed the MCC Group’s 70 years of hard work to lay a solid foundation for the ‘national team’. He pointed out that metallurgical construction is MCC’s natural endowment and the growth gene infusing its blood vessels; leading China's metallurgy to a higher level is MCC’s persistent national responsibility and mission; metallurgical engineering technology and its whole industrial chain integration advantages are the most unique and distinct embodiments of MCC's strength; and the characteristics of being loyal to Party and country, working hard and having the courage to struggle and climb to the peak are MCC’s most distinct spiritual symbols. The outstanding achievements of 70 years prove more fully that forging the world-leading ‘national team’ in metallurgical construction and operation services is the wise choice of MCC people, as well as our historical mission to continue with the past and open up the future, and we must press on unswervingly.

  Guo Wenqing stressed that the MCC Group shall actively implement the important directives of General Secretary Xi on ‘constantly enhancing the vitality, control, influence and anti-risk capability of the state-owned economy’, insist on combining practical experience with the laws of development, connect keeping the original intentions in mind with facing the future and take a broad and associated perspective of the world, China, industries and enterprises. Such directives clearly put forward for the first time the higher struggling objective from the perspective of national responsibilities that ‘it is necessary to stand at the high end of the international level and the height of the whole metallurgical industry, and undertake the national responsibility of leading China's metallurgical construction to a higher level and going global for development’, which scientifically solves the problem of the era: ‘Where should MCC go?’. Under the guidance of strategies, MCC has resolutely implemented the supply-side structural reform of ‘building the world-leading national team in metallurgical construction and operation services’, thereby reducing costs and promoting the enterprise. Along the way, MCC has not only secured its absolute leading position in the metallurgical field but also created new space for incremental development, effectively resisted economic fluctuations and achieved the sustained and stable growth of its enterprises.

  Guo Wenqing said that through hard work, the MCC Group has become a genuine ‘national team’ in metallurgical construction. At present, the MCC Group has continuously improved its overall capacity as the ‘national team’ of metallurgical construction, continuously enhanced the system integration capacity of the ‘national team’, improved its overall technology level, significantly enhanced the quantity and quality of its scientific and technological achievements, maintained the basic stability of the talents of the ‘national team’, kept the lineup relatively reasonable, played a significant supporting role in market development and enhanced its influence. He said that after several years of constant exploration and innovation promotion, the concept of the ‘national team’ of metallurgical construction has taken root in the hearts of the people, forming an organic system that represents the national level and gaining endogenous power and a complete system, by virtue of which its market competitiveness has been gradually strengthened and its position as the ‘national team’ that is ‘First in China and first-class in the world’ has been continuously maintained.

  In his important speech, Guo Wenqing gave instructions to continuously strive to accelerate the cultivation of the world-leading ‘national team’ in metallurgical construction, and put forward four requirements. First, always remain the best through the iterative upgrading of core technologies. It is necessary to adhere to market orientation, business orientation and problem orientation, persistently focus on innovation and its acceleration, and foster new impetus, rebuild new advantages and open up new horizons through the iterative upgrading of core technological innovation. The design and research institutes must undertake their responsibility to lead the Group’s scientific and technological innovation work, and must focus their main efforts on the research and development of core technologies. It is vital to accelerate breakthroughs in major core technologies so as to occupy the commanding height of the production process, unswervingly deepen reform and innovation, and create a dynamic mechanism for scientific and technological management and operation. Second, always remain irreplaceable and be the best again through MCC’s whole industry chain integration advantages. The MCC Group should reshape its industrial chain and value chain, raise the level of its ‘professional chain + industrial chain’ and improve advantageous links, strengthen weak links and add missing links so as to manifest the integration advantages of the entire industrial chain, thereby forming a flexible and efficient supply service system. It is necessary to persistently improve planning, design and construction capacity, accelerate the promotion of the consulting capability of the whole process, deeply extend operation service capability to the high end, foster the concepts of openness and cooperation, promote the transformation of enterprises from self-circulation to general circulation while extensively integrating shareholder resources and social resources, and strive to improve the investment and financing capabilities. Third, restart business again with the internal and external expansion of continuous innovation ability. By 2020, in order to realize the goal of reaching an 80% share in the global metallurgical market, it is necessary to take the accelerated upgrading of technological innovation as the starting point, strike hard in the structural adjustment, industrial upgrading, greening and intellectualization of metallurgical construction, and concentrate our efforts on seizing the market opportunities brought by the industrial layout, structural adjustment, mergers and reorganization, special electric furnace projects, restructuring and transformation, process optimization, technological transformation, equipment upgrading and energy conservation and emission reduction. For overseas markets, it is important to focus on accelerating development and improving marketing capabilities so as to strive to build 4 to 6 backbone enterprises with international competitiveness by 2025. Fourth, stimulate talent vitality through system and mechanism innovation. At present, we need a high-quality and world-class standard talent team more than ever before, and we are more motivated to provide all kinds of talents with the space to grow, become useful and realize their value in life than ever before. It is necessary to ‘improve the quality and upgrading’ of talent resource allocation and the talent motivation mechanism.

  In his summary speech, Zhang Zhaoxiang pointed out that President Guo Wenqing’s speech was not only an action guide for forging the world-leading national team of metallurgical construction and operation services in the new era, but it also has important strategic guiding significance for all subsidiaries to take to the road of high-quality development in the new historical development period. All subsidiaries should earnestly learn and implement the spirit of the speech, and implement it in unified thought and action. Zhang Zhaoxiang then put forward specific requirements in three aspects. First, it is necessary to accelerate the implementation of the strategic deployment of the world-leading ‘national team’ of metallurgical construction, fully recognize that this is the only way for MCC to forge the world-leading ‘national team’ of metallurgical construction and operation services, and practically promote awareness of the urgency to accelerate the cultivation of the world-leading ‘national team’ of metallurgical construction. Second, it is vital to firmly grasp the strong points and promote a quality revolution, efficiency revolution and power revolution. The development quality shall be promoted on the basis of the quality revolution as the main body, efficiency revolution as the main line and power revolution as the foundation. Third, it is important to comprehensively strengthen Party building and the direct, comprehensive, in-depth and strict governing of the Party with ‘persistence always on the way’. It is necessary to comprehensively and thoroughly learn and carry out the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC; take a clear-cut stand of stressing political awareness and prioritizing political construction; strengthen political duty and consolidate the responsibility to govern the Party; put forth efforts to cultivate a world-class high-quality professionalized cadre talent team; and insist on consolidating the foundations and the Party’s primary-level organization construction. On the basis of the remarkable achievements in news publicity, it is necessary to continuously concentrate on developing our image and strive to create a new situation in MCC’s ideology publicity work in the new era. Zhang Zhaoxiang stressed that it is vital to carry out solid work with real practice, undertake all responsibilities and implement all work tasks with the spirit of persistence, and strive to compose a new and splendid chapter in ‘Building a Beautiful MCC’ according to the instruction requirements of President Guo Wenqing in 2018.

  In his work report Taking Big Strides to Set Out Again in the New Era and Struggling to Comprehensively Promote MCC’s High-Quality Development, Zhang Mengxing pointed out that the number of the MCC’s newly signed contracts in 2017 set a fresh record again, its operation revenue grew rapidly, its total profits progressed steadily, the balance of the ‘Two Funds’ was reduced for the first time, its liability with interest was substantially reduced, its asset structure was continuously optimized and the income of MCC employees experienced stable growth. The key operation work remained in stable development and huge breakthroughs were made. There were new deeds in leading the metallurgical market. There were new situations in strengthening project management and control. There was new leap-forward development in high-end marketing. There were great new achievements in driving scientific and technological innovation. There were new breakthroughs in consolidating foundation management. There was new strength in strict risk prevention and control. There was new promotion of the company’s investment value. There were new manifestations of MCC’s brand image. In 2018, the MCC Group should follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly implement the spirit of the meeting of heads of state-owned enterprises and Minmetals’ work meeting, comply with the strategic positioning of being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’, focus on the two jobs of the national team of metallurgical construction ‘being the best and restarting business again’, and the subsidiaries’ main project management and control platform construction, put forth efforts to realize new breakthroughs in reform deepening, innovation driving, marketing upgrading, refined management, risk prevention and control, brand cultivation, information construction, safety management and other aspects, and go along the ‘high-quality, hi-tech and high-speed’ development road. Zhang Mengxing then put forward ten work requirements: first, it is necessary to unswervingly promote the absolute competitive advantages of the national team of metallurgical construction; second, it is important to unswervingly strengthen centralized project management and control, and forge excellent projects; third, it is vital to unswervingly promote comprehensively deepening reform and stimulating internal vitality; fourth, it is necessary to unswervingly insist on innovation driving development and promoting transformation and upgrading; fifth, it is important to unswervingly highlight high-end marketing and promote operation breakthroughs; sixth, it is vital to firmly deepen the enterprises’ refined management, promote the tapping of potential and increase efficiency; seventh, it is necessary to strictly and unswervingly prevent and control risks, and improve the three-dimensional supervision system; eighth, it is important to unswervingly implement brand management and improve MCC’s positive image; ninth, it is vital to unswervingly strengthen information construction to promote the further upgrading of management; and tenth, it is necessary to unswervingly implement the main responsibility and stick to the consciousness of the red safety line.

  At the meeting, a comprehensive assessment of MCC’s leading group members and leaders was also made, the MCC Group’s advanced collectives, advanced individuals and advanced primary Party organizations commended, and the comprehensive performance liability statement and safety production liability statement signed.

  The meeting was attended by MCC’s leading group members, chief engineers, chief assistants, general counsels, safety directors and deputy chief engineers, main principals and discipline inspection commission secretaries of all subsidiaries, main principals of all regional branch companies and technology research institutes, cadres above deputy department director-level from the Headquarters’ functional departments and others. The MCC Group’s external directors, champions in the welding event at the 44th World Skills Competition, academicians and model worker representatives were also invited to attend.