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Tang Fuping Visits and Conveys Greetings to Group Company’s Retired Veteran Cadres and Specialists
CopyFrom: Date:09 February 2018
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  On February 7th, on the eve of the Lunar New Year, Group Company Party Committee Secretary and President Tang Fuping visited and conveyed greetings to the Group Company’s retired veteran cadres and specialists, thanked them for their long-term contributions to the Group Company’s reform and development and scientific and technological progress, and wished them New Year blessings.

  Tang Fuping and his delegation successively visited the 6 retired veteran cadres and specialists Zhou Keren, Wang Yan, Chen Wendong, Liu Zhongliang, Miao Gengshu and Yu Runcang at their homes or units, inquired their physical and life conditions with concern, and wished them New Year blessings on behalf of the Group Company’s Party Committee. Tang Fuping introduced the Group Company’s achievements in 2017, expected future development directions and struggling objectives, and thanked the veteran cadres and specialists for their huge contributions to the Group Company’s reform and development and scientific and technological progress in the long term on behalf of all Group Company employees. He said that China Minmetals’ development is an achievement made by several generations of Minmetals people with joint efforts. On the strong foundations built by the veteran leaders, specialists and comrades, New Minmetals people are bound to love and develop Minmetals, forge the Group’s ‘four beams and eight columns’ business system, further promote the executive force, unite as one for innovation and development, focus on ‘high quality, high efficiency and high benefits’, and build China Minmetals into a metallic ore enterprise group which is ‘First in China and first-class in the world’.

  The veteran cadres and specialists sincerely thanked Tang Fuping and highly praised the efforts of the Group Company’s leading body in facing complex situations, continuously strengthening the Party’s leadership, insisting on seeking stable improvement, insisting on quality promotion, insisting on deepening reform and insisting on risk prevention and control. They all hope that the Group Company will achieve even better performance in the New Year. The veteran cadres and specialists were very concerned about the Group Company’s conditions in deepening reform and integration in the next step, and put forward many valuable suggestions regarding business operation, business administration, scientific and technological innovation and other aspects.

  Tang Fuping said that the Group Company’s Party Committee pays close attention to veteran cadres’ work. He hopes that the veteran cadres and specialists will pay attention to the Group Company as always while living a peaceful life in their old age and continuing to make suggestions for the Group Company’s future development. The Party Committee Organization Department and relevant units should show more concern for veteran cadres, specialists and comrades, pay frequent visits to convey greetings, take the initiative to resolve their difficulties and worries, provide intimate and accurate services, and enable them to spend their remaining years in comfort.

  The greeting activity was accompanied by Group Company Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Deputy General Manager Dong Mingjun and relevant Group Company Headquarters and MCC Group personnel Zhang Mengxing, Zhang Ye, Wang Wenhai, Li Shiming, Pan Qing, Lu Zhifang, Wu Shaohui and others.