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 Zhang Mengxing Visits Saudi Arabia Housing Department Director Meguid Alehougai
During his visit to Saudi Arabia, Zhang Mengxing visits Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Li Huaxin, inspects the MCC Saudi Branch Company and signs a Memorandum of Cooperation with the AA Group
CopyFrom: Date:08 February 2018
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  From February 3rd to 5th (local time) in Saudi Arabia, MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing and his delegation visited Saudi Arabia Housing Department Director Meguid Alehougai and Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Li Huaxin, inspected the MCC Saudi Branch Company and signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the AA Group.

  At 10 a.m. on February 5th, Zhang Mengxing visited Saudi Arabia Housing Department Director Meguid Alehougai in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Both sides had a cordial exchange regarding the Saudi Arabia Housing Department’s Security Housing Project and matters related to their cooperation. Zhang Mengxing first thanked Director Meguid Alehougai and the Saudi Arabia Housing Department for their support in the Saudi Arabia Security Housing Project, and briefly introduced the MCC Group’s historical development and four main business sectors. He then pointed out that as one of China’s large-scale central enterprises, the MCC Group ranks 10th in the comprehensive ranking of the world’s 225 largest contractors, and as one of enterprises with the largest number of completed security housing projects in China, the MCC Group has its own prefabricated building processing bases. In recent years, it has made many innovations in structural style, organization modes and other aspects. It is willing to share its achievements with Saudi Arabia, invest in and build factories in the countries, produce the main materials, reduce the costs and guarantee the construction period, thereby promoting the local employment rate and social and economic development of Saudi Arabia. Zhang Mengxing emphasized that the MCC Group has the capability and confidence to complete the project with the highest quality and speed.

  Director Meguid warmly welcomed Zhang Mengxing and his delegation on behalf of the Saudi Arabia Housing Department, and then pointed out that the Housing Department greatly encourages contractors that are capable of adopting new technologies. He hopes that the MCC Group will not only participate in the Saudi Arabia Security Housing Project as the contractor but also take part in it as the developer as appropriate. He stressed that Saudi Arabia currently has a very wide housing market but projects can only be implemented well through formulating strategies. He suggested that the MCC Group should increase its communication with the owners so as to carry out projects more smoothly and effectively. He hopes that both sides will realize mutual benefits and win-win results, and pledged that the MCC Group will be provided with convenience when necessary.

  The meeting was attended in the company of relevant MCC Group and subsidiary personnel including Fan Jintian, Xu Yongjie, Ji Mingheng, Yin Xin, and Zhang Zhan.

  At 9 a.m. on February 4th, Zhang Mengxing and his delegation visited Ambassador Li Huaxin at the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Both sides had a cordial and friendly exchange of opinions regarding the MCC Group’s development in the Saudi Arabia market and other matters.

  Zhang Mengxing first thanked Ambassador Li Huaxin and Counselor Zhao Liuqing for the long-term concern and support they have given to the MCC Group, and then introduced MCC’s business scope, technical strength, market development and other conditions.

  Ambassador Li Huaxin welcomed Zhang Mengxing and his delegation, and fully recognized the MCC Group’s strength. He then introduced the overall conditions of the Saudi Arabia market and held an in-depth exchange of opinions with Zhang Mengxing regarding concrete development strategies involving the MCC Group’s several business sectors, pointing out that the market environment of Saudi Arabia is on the eve of rapid growth after the country’s ‘2030 vision’ plan was put forward. Li Huaxin hoped that MCC will pay attention to the Saudi Government’s policy changes to avoid risks in project implementation, inspire public praise for China-invested enterprises in Saudi Arabia and make contributions to friendly cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia.

  The meeting was attended in the company of Economic Counselor's Office Counselor Zhao Liuqing of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and relevant MCC Group and subsidiary personnel including Fan Jintian, Wu Qingyu, Xu Yongjie, Zhang Zhan, and Zhang Nairong.

  At 10 a.m. on February 3rd, Zhang Mengxing and his delegation inspected the work at the MCC Saudi Branch Company.

  Zhang Mengxing first listened to reports on the Saudi Branch Company’s general development situation and typical performance, the MCC Group’s advantageous fields in the Saudi Region and the early stage development course and preliminary implementation plans of the Saudi MOHURD Security Housing Phase I Project, affirmed the Saudi Branch Company’s market development capability and performance, and expressed his great hope for the implementation of the YAMAMA Cement Plant Project and Saudi MOHURD Security Housing Project.

  Zhang Mengxing then pointed out that since its registration, the Saudi Branch Company has operated for over 6 years. In the last 3 years, it has laid strong foundations and smoothly carried out all the jobs. As a unified brand of the MCC Group carrying out business in the Saudi Region, the Saudi Branch Company should drive all the Group’s subsidiaries to develop the Saudi market, give full play to the advantages of all subsidiaries and form a resultant force under the big banner of the MCC brand so as to strive to realize the leap-forward growth of overseas markets. Zhang Mengxing then put forward four specific requirements for the Saudi Branch Company: first, it is necessary to become a leader among China-invested enterprises in Saudi Arabia’s engineering market; second, it is vital to possess the two capabilities of marketing and project implementation; third, it is important to strengthen the market development effect through mastering strong agency, considering mergers and acquisitions, and becoming a shareholder of good enterprises and project extension; and fourth, it is crucial to insist on four principles in the development of the Saudi Branch Company’s construction: keeping a foothold in Riyadh, facing Saudi Arabia, strengthening coordination and making its business stronger and larger.

  The Saudi Branch Company’s employees said that they will earnestly comprehend and carry out the MCC Group’s requirements, seize the rich opportunities of the Saudi MOHURD Security Housing Project and respond to the concern and trust of the Group’s leaders with actual results.

  The activity was attended by relevant MCC Group and subsidiary personnel Fan Jintian, Wu Qingyu, Xu Yongjie, Ji Mingheng, Chen Chang’an, Yin Xin and Zhang Nairong, as well as employee representatives of the MCC Saudi Branch Company and MCC20 Saudi Branch Company.

  At noon on February 4th, Zhang Mengxing and his delegation made a field inspection of the construction site of the Al Akaria Corporation (AA Group) New Town Project.

  Zhang Mengxing first listened to the project owner’s detailed introduction to the current construction situation. At present, infrastructure construction has commenced on the site and the ground leveling has been basically completed. Zhang Mengxing fully affirmed the owner’s preparations and expressed his hope that the project will be promoted as soon as possible. They then visited the AA Group where the teams of both sides held an in-depth discussion on cooperation details and preliminary results. Zhang Mengxing said that the MCC Group is willing to carry out comprehensive cooperation with the AA Group, give full play to the complementary advantages of both sides and realize mutual benefits and win-win results.

  They also signed a memorandum of cooperation on further deepening project cooperation matters, facilitating mutual communication and cooperation, and ensuring that the project will be implemented as soon as possible.

  The meeting was attended by AA Group Chairman Abdulrahman Almofadhi, President Nicholas Bashkiroff and CFO Mamdouh Sharhan, as well as related MCC Group and subsidiary personnel including Fan Jintian, Wu Qingyu, Xu Yongjie, Chen Chang’an, Zhang Zhan and Zhang Nairong.


  Zhang Mengxing shakes hands with Saudi Arabia Housing Department Director Meguid Alehougai


  Meeting venue


  Meeting panorama of Zhang Mengxing and Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Li Xinhua


  Zhang Mengxing investigates and surveys the MCC Saudi Branch Company and makes an important speech


  Zhang Mengxing inspects the Saudi New Town Project


  Zhang Mengxing and Al Akaria Corporation President Abdulrahman Almofadhi take a group photo


  hang Mengxing signs the Memorandum of Cooperation with Al Akaria Corporation President Abdulrahman Almofadhi