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MCC Group Holds 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration Party
CopyFrom: Date:12 February 2018
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  As spring comes to the land, people sing and dance to pray for a prosperous New Year. On February 12th, as the Spring Festival approaching, China Minmetals General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Group President & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing and the leading group members sent simple but heartfelt New Year greetings to all the staff of the MCC Group in Beijing. The New Year celebration party was hosted by China Minmetals Vice General Manager & Party Group member, MCC Group General Manager and MCC Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang. More than 500 group leaders and cadres from Headquarters and certain Beijing subsidiaries gathered together to review the achievements in 2017 and look forward to continuing to build a ‘Beautiful MCC’ in 2018.

  Guo Wenqing delivered a warm speech for the Spring Festival. He first conveyed Spring Festival greetings and best wishes on behalf of the MCC Group and every leading group member to all the MCC Group staff, especially the front line staff and workers at home and abroad and their families. He wished everyone good health, career success and family happiness.

  Guo Wenqing then pointed out that last year was another extraordinary year in which the MCC Group broke records once again, which can be summarized as ‘increasingly established foundations, stronger motivation and gaining momentum’.

  1. Increasingly established foundations. By virtue of the efforts of MCC employees over the years, the MCC Group has made it through its toughest days, achieving the milestone of ‘one step a year and one stride every three years’. Milestones may vary from time to time, but the construction of a ‘Beautiful MCC’ goes on without end. ‘Focusing on the core main business and building a better MCC’ is our long-term objective and the vision to be adhered to by all MCC employees. To become the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’ is currently the support for MCC’s strategy system and the ‘four beams and eight columns’ of the MCC Group. At all times, the MCC Group demonstrates indestructible strength. Since the turning point of the ‘September 5th’ Meeting, the MCC Group has embraced challenge after challenge, and this is the reality of our development. Over the past five years, an enterprise culture with MCC characteristics and the frank and practical spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’ has been formed. For MCC employees, the vision is to build a ‘highland longed for by the young, an entrepreneurial platform for the middle-aged and a harbor for the elderly’. ‘Be loyal to the bone with passion’ evokes the fact that MCC employees are loyal to the CPC and the Central Party Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping at its core. The catchy phrase ‘Herd sheep on the grassland and catch fish at the fishing grounds’ describes the MCC culture derived from ideas with MCC characteristics. The MCC Group has never been knocked down by the simultaneous occurrence of many problems or long standing issues. MCC employees always face the difficulty of solving them, no matter how hard they are. This is why we are here today, demonstrating the indestructible strength of the MCC Group to the world.

  2. Stronger motivation. We should let the enterprise possess wealth for long-term prosperity. The development of the MCC Group is fully motivated. In 2017, its operation revenue reached a new peak. In January of this year, its amounts of contracts, income and profits increased significantly over the same period in the previous year, and the growth of all MCC subsidiaries has entered a sound development period. This can be vividly depicted with these lines from Yueyang Pavilion: ‘In springtime it is warm and the sun is bright. The lake is tranquil and it merges with the azure sky into a vast expanse of blue. The water birds are playing, some fluttering in the sky, some gathering together on the sandbars. Fish of varies hues swim merrily in the water. The sweet-scented grass by the banks and the fragrant orchids on the sandy beaches are lush and green. When the mist over the lake vanishes and the glorious moon shines over the vast land, the brightness glistens with golden light on the lake. The reflection of the moon is like a piece of jade in the depths of the water. Upon ascending the tower at such a time, one will feel a spiritual uplift, neither glory nor shame. With a cup of wine in the gentle breeze, he will enjoy the greatest happiness in life’.

  3. Gaining momentum. The MCC Group is gaining stronger momentum as the world-leading national team of metallurgical construction, and has forged its foundation, business scope and brand. To become the national team of metallurgical construction is the highly held banner. Steel is the blood of industries that will never be left behind by the times, and MCC occupies a 60% share of the global steel market and 90% of the domestic market. With dominant core technologies, continuous innovation ability and irreplaceable whole industrial chain advantages, the MCC Group enjoys great influence all over the world for promoting the urban infrastructure and underground pipe gallery construction businesses. As metallurgical construction is the basis on which MCC depends, we should strategically rely on our core technologies to influence other industries. As MCC employees, we should be far-sighted, undertake projects that ensure our long-term prosperity and adhere to our main business of construction, while properly engaging in ‘Belt and Road’ metallurgical and mineral projects. Our design enterprises should rely on the core technologies, equipment and research capability of MCC to create greater markets and brands for sci-tech products, thereby ensuring the long-term prosperity of MCC with its own characteristics.

  Finally, Guo Wenqing said with emotion that he is deeply attached to the MCC Group where he has devoted his life. He will never forget the friendships he forged here or his identity as an employee of the MCC Group. He said that we can realize our objective of creating a ‘Beautiful MCC’ if we continue to make concerted efforts and stick to the frank and practical spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’.

  During the celebration party, the staff of the Headquarters and subsidiaries performed choruses, poetry recital, kuaiban and other artistic programs themselves. The celebration party ended with the majestic chorus of ‘Ode to the Motherland’ sung by the leading group members and all staff.