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Zhang Mengxing and Delegation Inspect Shanghai Baoye (Cambodia) Company
CopyFrom: Date:08 December 2017
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  On December 6th, MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing and his delegation conducted an on-site inspection and gave instructions at the Shanghai Baoye (Cambodia) Company’s Cambodian Phnom Penh GATEWAY Project and SKYVILLA Project, accompanied by the owner Crystal Orange Construction PLC. President Lin Dongyi.

  After listening to the project’s progress report, Zhang Mengxing affirmed Shanghai Baoye’s safe and civilized construction situations and management of the Cambodian project, and pointed out that this year is the MCC Group’s ‘year of project management improvement’. Project management represents an enterprise’s level and image, and embodies its essence. He then pointed out that as Shanghai Baoye is always the ‘leader’ of MCC Group’s project management, he hopes Baoye will make persistent efforts, continue to lead and set an example, further improve its project management level and build its brand image. Meanwhile, Zhang Mengxing affirmed and praised Shanghai Baoye’s localization management. The construction and implementation of localization management is the basis for companies to set foot in overseas markets. He encouraged the Shanghai Baoye (Cambodia) Company to continue to do a good job in its localization work and boost the company’s sustainable development abroad.

  Later, Zhang Mengxing thanked the workers struggling abroad for their spirit of putting work above family and being the first and best, encouraged them to make persistent efforts, expressed his hope that they would continue to make contributions to MCC’s overseas exploration, conducted cordial communication with the Shanghai Baoye (Cambodia) Company’s Cambodian employees, learned about their work and living conditions, and encouraged them to further integrate into the company culture and contribute to the company’s development .

  The inspection was attended by MCC Group Overseas Engineering Management Department Director Xu Yongjie, MCC Overseas Ltd. President Zou Weimin, MCC Pipe Gallery Technology Research Institute Executive Vice-President and MCC CERI Vice-President Hao Yongbing, CRIBC General Manager and Singapore Company General Manager Zhu Jianguo, MCC Overseas (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. President Cong Daming and General Manager Hao Zhaochun.